How to Pack the Suitcases of Children

This is the last post in the series how to pack the suitcases, in which we will talk about how to pack the suitcases of children.

Children still have no discernment about what is important to carry, so are adults who must organize. But it is worthwhile to involve them at the moment they are packing, asking for opinions and involving them so that they already feel the climate of the journey and get accustomed to it.

The good thing about kids is that it doesn’t have to be a big suitcase. The clothes are smaller and occupy less space and weight. They usually take extra pieces because children can get dirty with food or play.

Tips for children’s travel bags

The clothes that can’t miss in the suitcases of children for the boys are shirts, trousers, Bermuda, socks, tennis and underwear. For girls can not miss skirts, of your tops, dresses, shoes and underwear according to PHONEJUST.COM.

Each has its accessories, whether in caps, bows, tiaras, clips, piranhas, ribbons, bracelets and everything. Parents should not exaggerate to take everything, but rather enough for the rides with the children they will do.

For the small, it is imperative to take sunscreen, because they have skin more sensitive than adults and stay longer exposed to the sun.

One of the items that cannot be missing in the suitcases of children are toys. Yes, after all they need to distract, whether it’s during the trip or when it reaches the destination of the trip. So take some of the hand and others in the suitcase to hurry.

For those who have babies can not forget the diapers, bottle, rattles, beaks and porridge for him to feed.

Medicines are also important because children are also more conducive to getting sick on trips, whether in changing temperatures or foods that feed. So make a mini pharmacy.

And don’t forget to stay within Infraero’s rules in transportation of objects.

The organization of the suitcase follows the principles that we highlight in the suitcases of men and suitcases of women with shoes in the background, trousers, shirts and other objects over the top.

With the suitcases of children ready, the time has come to travel and we arrive at the end of the series of 3 posts on how to organize luggage.


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