How to Repair a Tear on a Leather Jacket


A type of jacket that is used by many people, is the leather jacket. The leather jackets are used forever. They are comfortable, warm and unobtrusive. The skin with the time can be changed. In fact this fabric, as rugged as delicate, it wears down. Unfortunately one tear on garments in leather is quite visible and often it is hard to repair it. Actually there are some solutions to the problem without having to necessarily go to an expert. As you know, however, the skin needs special tools for its processing. 

This guide through quick and easy we will see How to repair a tear on a leather jacket with guide of globalsciencellc.

You need

Be sure to have on hand:

  • Fabric (cotton, linen, canvas), needle for leather, polyester wire, glue for the skin (a different types on the market)

First of all you need the fabric. You can use flax, canvas or cotton, provided the material is resistant. Once you choose the fabric you will need to cut a piece of about two and a half centimeters longer than the tear, considering all sides. Before purchasing you must measure the area to be repaired. This is because the material is enough to proceed.

At this point it will be essential to turn the edges of the tear because work come to a satisfactory result. That is because once worn the jacket cannot be seen uneven areas between them in the repaired area. Remember that the details and patience in processing are key ingredients to avoid damaging further the boss. If unfortunately the tear should be in an area under tension, you must strengthen the area. To do this, take the jacket and, from the inside, along the edges of the tear, just by using a needle and thread in polyester. It will also be more practical to sew with stitches wide oblique and widely.

Once taken all necessary precautions, back to point one: the fabric. Applied in its front surface of glue suitable for your skin. There are many types on the market. After that apply it under the tear, but also in the inside of the jacket so that you do not see the signs of the operation. The most practical solution is to put a weight on the fabric. This is because the face perfectly taken until the glue is dry. When drying is complete, remove the weight. Finally, all that remains is to wear your jacket. In this very simple guide we saw how to repair a tear on a leather jacket.


Never forget:

  • Some advice that you may want to consider, is to always work in the inside of the jacket.