How to Replace Watch Band


The watchband is one of the most important accessories since complete in the best way the watch that is matched. Each bracelet tells and reminds new experiences and many of the features of the person wearing it. There are different types: from sports steel strap or rubber strap, durable and comfortable, to the more elegant in gold, metal or on different skin types. Just why complete the watch and outlines the wearer the strap can be changed whenever it sees fit, to follow a momentary fashion, to bind it to a particular dress, to simply change color or style. This fantastic guide, therefore, will make anyone can replace a damaged strap with a new one without the intervention of a watchmaker and saving some money.

You need

Be sure to have on hand:

  • new strap, screwdriver up and flat, 15 minutes

First, it is imperative to go to a watchmaker and buy a strap that works for your watch. It is good to take advice from trusted watchmaker maybe bringing with them the watch that you own. You should also buy a strap resistant to weathering, such as water. In fact, buy a cheap strap many times involves the replacement after a few months, since it made with cheap materials.

Once comfortable proceed starting assembly. There are two ways to place a strap depending on whether it has a spring loaded bar or a screw bar. In the first case it is appropriate to take a screwdriver and inserting it between the strap and the watch body force Petite very slightly auction located within up to unhook it. Once unfastened, remove the first side of the strap. Repeat, immediately afterwards, the operation on the other side of the strap. We recommend that you use appropriate watchmaker utensils at all possible installation work so as to avoid damage to the strap or the watch case itself. Read more here.

Take now the new strap bought previously and insert the rod into the cylinder. Insert the rod into the body of the watch in the same way as it was before. It remains only to repeat this procedure for the other side of the watchband.

As regards the straps with the screw unscrew the latter bar counterclockwise. Pull the threaded screw and the thread from one side and then pull the strap from the cashier.Mount immediately after applying the strap screw just removed. It is very important to mount it in the right way!