How to Shape a Jacket


Shaping a coat without seam is not a complicated process. With a small dose of manual skills and the knowledge of the art of sewing, you can get a good result. Before proceeding, you need to get the most accurate measurements. Thus, you need to cut out the fabric and baste lining at the back. Finally, you have to finish everything with buttonholes and pockets. In this tutorial, we’ll show you the correct procedure of realization. Follow in detail the suggestions in the guide and discover how to do it.

You need

Be sure to have on hand:

  • Sewing pattern
  • Desired color fabric
  • Lining
  • Wire for basting
  • Wire for finishing
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors and pins
  • Filling Peloncino
  • Buttons

To shape your seamless jacket behind, you have to bring the pattern fits. You can purchase it in the mercerie, or do it yourself taught by After taking the measurements, equip yourself with tissue paper and start to conduct the drawing. You have to be accurate in reporting the size. A mistake at this stage, in fact, would jeopardize the success of the jacket.
Calculate the amount of fabric needed to avoid waste. Then, wash the fabric before preparation for cutting and sewing. In this way, you will avoid that withdrew the work is finished. Iron carefully and start to bring the outlines of the pattern, with the aid of a dressmaker’s chalk. Remember that, to shape the jacket, you should act on the sides. Modellateli on a regular basis, based on measurements of the waist. Then, cut out, leaving a border of at least three centimeters.

Once you have the various components of the jacket, you have to sew the lining inside of the sleeves, before combining them. You must finish the sleeves, and then apply them to the jacket. For the headphones of the shoulders, take a peloncino, cut into crescent and imbastitelo. Will serve you to realize a small pad and give support to the jacket. Assemble the various components, making sure to shape the waist. Because the jacket is devoid of the back seam, you have to focus on side basting. Put on your jacket, and check the result. If necessary, you can make the changes you want, and smooths out seams on the sides.

Marked the final seam, using the sewing machine. Equip yourself with a heavy duty wire, which is the same colour as the fabric. Finish the hem, folding it with a flap. Then, coated the inside of the jacket with the remaining liner. We advise you to pay special attention to the shoulder seam. Performed the operation carefully, so as not to make mistakes. Finally, assemble the neck and finished the loops of buttonholes. Choose appropriate and attach buttons on the flap. Therefore, stretches the jacket and place it on a crutch. A little advice. If you are not particularly familiar with the sewing technique, we suggest that you start from one end easier. Executing a seamless shaped jacket behind, in fact, implies a familiarity with sewing.

Never forget:

  • On the choice of fabric, you can opt for a raincoat or a simple cotton. We advise you to opt for a stretch fabric so as to better shape the jacket.