How to Shorten a Leather Jacket


Nowadays you are looking increasingly to carry out repairs on our clothes independently. Just do a bit of research and especially to eject the creativity that is in all of us. This article will evaluate some tips on how to shorten a leather jacket, a material that requires great care and attention as well as where to buy vintage coats. Let’s see the steps to follow to make a change on one strand of this material.

The measures

First you need to take measurements of our amendment, which shorten jacket sleeves or regards this bust has little significance because this procedure must be carried out in both cases. A little thing: you have to understand how many centimeters the jacket should be shortened, through the help of a tape measure and then mark with a pencil the exact point where you want to make the cut.

The basting

Once taken the measures, it is good to baste our jacket. This process serves to create a more accurate and refined. We proceed by inserting pins along the cut that is made in order to keep our head still and stable during the next steps.

The cut

If our jacket is very very long, we’d better make a cut with special scissors, at least 6 cm from the basting. This cut will facilitate these steps, which are made using glue or sewing machine. You can now choose the method appropriate for your situation: glue suitable for leather stitching, industrial sewing machines to sewing machine triple feed, or traditional with the inclusion of a special needle for leather stitching.

The glue

The use of glue seems a very remedy to “best”, but in reality it is the fastest and most effective way to achieve a trim a jacket that does not provide for the presence of hinges. If we face a normal leather jacket, just so fall back upon himself the edge left above, and paste it. In this way the repair will be effective and above all fast. A Council is of course to choose a strong and powerful glue, no expense spared!

The sewing machine

The second option is to use the sewing machine. In theory would require a skin sewing machine with triple feed, but this ensures safe and flawless, even if successful, it is not the only solution. You can indeed buy a suitable needle sewing skin and place it in the traditional sewing machine. At this point you’re done! The edge at the point set and the jacket is ready!