How to Style Long Shirts

Undoubtedly, long blouses – that is quite profitable acquisition. Because they can be drawn up at different combinations depending on where it should go: whether they work, a stroll in the city or on the beach. With such a thing in your wardrobe, you can stay stylish and fashionable, it is important to properly arrange accents and take the necessary accessories.

Long Shirts for Men

Long Shirts for Men

It is desirable to have several versions of shirts, such as:

  • At the base of the wardrobe should be shirt in white. It is desirable that it be no unnecessary embellishments. This option would be better combined with pencil skirt if you need any kind of office. With cowboy boots and pants-or shorts ensemble will be harmoniously fit into the urban style. White shirt can be easily put on the beach.How to Style Long Shirts 3
  • Men long-sleeved shirts slim fit. If it is made of thin material, then this shirt can comfortably wear a summer evening. If the same model manufactured by a thick tissue, e.g., as or jeans, and then can be used instead cardigans and jacket.
  • Long shirt in the cell. In this season such models are very relevant. As the cell is no longer the traditional black and white, blue, purple, red, dark blue, turquoise, beige.

How to Style Long Shirts 2

Combination with Long Shirts

Of course, you desire in yourself as ensembles to your taste, but there are a few things that is a long jacket will look stylish and interesting:

  • Jeans;
  • With classic trousers;
  • S-ferrous Skinn;
  • Gender-pencil;
  • Shorts;
  • A vest;
  • A cardigan.

How to Style Long Shirts 1

Mandatory buy several variants of belts and straps with appropriate shoes and accessories. And then in front of you, you’re not what he wears a long shirt – you will be always dressed stylishly and tastefully.