How to Tell If Shoes are Good Quality

17.3 pairs of shoes the German woman has on average – in men it is with 8.2 pairs scarcely half as many. The frightening thing about it? According to a study by the German School of Shoes, 80 per cent of Germans do not fit their shoes. What may sound harmless in the first moment can lead to major health problems, such as pain and malaise.

Too big, too small, too tight or too wide: The reason for the badly fitting footwear is often the ignorance of the buyer about the right fit . Probably a large part of the shoes is also unused in the closet. So that you do not have this problem in the future and find suitable, good shoes, there are a few tips for the right choice.

The Best Material

The most foot-friendly material is leather. It is robust, breathable, resistant and fits every foot shape perfectly. Thus leather is suitable as an upper material, lining, as well as a cover and running sole. By comparison, plastic shoes are less breathable and often contain harmful emollients. However, even with leather shoes, caution is required – especially when it has been processed incorrectly: especially in Asian countries, chromium is used inappropriately for processing, which can lead to contact allergies and even cause cancer.That is why it is best to ask the store where the leather comes from. The most suitable is vegetable-processed material, without chromium. You can also recognize the smell: Good leather smells naturally and not according to chemistry. And another tip: Do not let the leather symbol lead you astray-it says nothing about the production.

The Right Fit

So that in future you do not belong to the 80 percent of the Germans who do not fit their shoes, here are a few help for the next shoe purchase :

There should be enough room to move forward

The shoe should always be longer than the foot (about a thumb width)

Try shoes at noon (in the evening the feet are usually a bit swollen)

When purchasing high heels you should also consider these tips:

The toes must not be squeezed

On a thicker heel it can run much better

Plateaus cause a relief of the forefoot

In general, the more intense the shoes are, the better they fit the foot shape. Carry the shoes to the adaptation best only initially for short distances, until the foot has adapted to the new shoe. And if the new purchase still causes you a few problems, take comfortable spare shoes or hand-washable blisters for an emergency.

The Right Quality

The better the quality of a shoe, the more often and longer we can wear it. Therefore you should always check the following features when you buy shoes:

Good leather can be recognized by the pressure test: the thumb is firmly pressed into the leather. If wrinkles are formed, the shoe is not top quality and will get bumps quickly.

You can recognize a good workmanship by means of clean and firmly sewn threads on the shoe floor. However, an adhesive seam should not be seen, as the shoes are only glued to the upper material in low-quality shoes and thus do not last so long.

How Much Expensive Shoes ?

As is so often the case in life: quality has its price. This is particularly true of shoes, since the production of the material and the shoe is extremely complex. For this, good shoes hold 10-20 years. Bargain hunters do not have to be sad, though. Fortunately, there are final sales and outlets, where high-quality shoes are offered at low prices. And if you are looking for good shoes now, you should definitely look at THEINTERNETFAQS!