How to Use Leggings?

The leggings you can find them in different designs and textures, whether they are smooth, single color, with floral prints etc. And depending on how use you it you can give the garment in question touches of versatility.

You could say that the leggings are an essential garment in the wardrobe of any woman. For this reason, no matter the season in which you find yourself, is is a very basic garment that adapts to any season of the year.
How to use?

  1. Be very careful with the colors you’re going to use: If you’re wide from the waist down, prefer dark colors; If you’re rather wide top, opt for strong tones. Very careful when choosing patterns or textures in leggings, you may take opinion of businessjust.
  2. If you’re a girl of slender legs and want to opt for leggings, you would be lucky to carry these kinds of items with attachments a little shorter, in terms of patterns it is ideal search of a size to be proportional to your body, remember that light colors give volume visually.
  3. A super important recommendation is taken into account, is that if you’re a woman of very large or prominent hips and want to opt out of this garment, ideally, do not use the leggings as pants or with upper garments that leave your back uncovered, i.e. avoid completely to show your largest and most prominent areas, the idea with leggings is to create balance very careful with the prints too large and raucous, the best are small or single-colour prints.
  4. If you’re a person who has cellulite (what may not give you grief, many women went through that), but when choosing leggings ideally choose them from a coarse material and of good quality, otherwise you run the risk of your cellulite are marked much more. Another tip to consider is that when using the leggings you opt for overlapping garments, you can choose a dress, a cute skirt and even cute shorts, this way you cercioraras you of the odious “cellulite” is not marked
  5. When choosing the leggings, it is considered that your upper garments like tops or blouses you come well below your knees, always have to be mid-thigh or above these, depending on your build. If you use clothing cut below the knee, it considers the stockings pantyhose, you would be more elegant and stylish.
  6. If you want to opt out of this so comfortable and versatile garment, an easy way to use it, is to do exercises, well you can opt for one of these to go jogging, gym etc. It only takes into account that this is of good quality and that it is not transparent. That Yes, make sure you have the correct underwear. When you want to opt out of this versatile piece takes into account that shirt or blouse is long enough both front and back, remember that this should cover your rear.
  7. If you have a mini short dress and think that the length is not appropriate or not you feel comfortable showing your legs, then choose one of these, a leggings in a tone that combines can make you look incredible. Everything is a matter of proportion note that leggings are tight to the body therefore have to use a blouse, shirt or top loose, or all snug to your body to give balance to the look.
  8. If you have thick calves and legs, avoid using leggings that are at the height of the widest part of your calf, since they will make you look visually wider, always opt for leggings that reach to the ankle, because key visually more legs. But if you’re high you can afford take them half of the calf.
  1. with jackets or blazer:

The blazer jackets are a basic in our closet for this reason, you can make use of this garment simple to combine with your favorite leggings. That Yes, make sure that you wear under your jacket, blouse or top is long enough so that it covers the part back in your body, in this way will look much more “fashionable”.

  1. under blouses or tops:

Choose the top of your choice either a simple white t-shirt, blouse wide stripes, patterned, or by extension a cute denim shirt or simple, rest assured that it is a safe bet, as long as the top is long and this covers the lower part of your body, if you prefer you can add jackets or cardigan

  1. with dresses:

If you want to opt for a cute dress on your leggings forward! However, you have to take into account that your dress length should not exceed your knees, because otherwise you can look a bit disproportionate.

  1. with short skirts:

An easy way to carry your favorite leggings, is combine them or take them with short skirts either type denim, puffed, pleated patterned, smooth etc will be the perfect combination just make sure if your skirt and combine perfectly.

  1. with shorts:

You want to give a change to your old leggings, then take it with your shorts, with this you can achieve versatility and give your outfits always turns, may be denim, with prints, vibrant colors etc