How to Wear Leggings Appropriately

Yes, leggings leggings? Here’s a short handbook on what to choose and which to discard from your wardrobe.

The leggings are one of the most beloved by women as leaders from teenagers: now all prefer to wear these clothes that are comfortable, alternative to pants, skirts or mini dress and unmatched convenience, are definitely superior to all others without question.

In the 80s were also called nylons although in recent years we have preferred the term Anglo-Saxon to printed leggings featured on emilyleggings. Historically, it was in the 60s that the designer Emilio Pucci designed a line of silk pants with belt loops underfoot, which became very popular after they were worn by Audrey Hepburn in some films. With the advent of stretch fabrics, they became hugely popular within the sports apparel (mainly in skiing and dancing), and afterwards as used as female trousers.

The leggings, though, not all women give because, being almost a second skin, in many cases mark both the merits both the flaws of the silhouette of the wearer. This leads to the need to carefully select the type of fabrics with which they are made, and fantasies to choose the model that best fits your physique.

We start from an absolute certainty: leggings are not actual pants. Are a cross between the latter and the tights; expose everything, absolutely everything, as in the case of a leotard. Are members, a second skin and leave very little to the imagination of those who observe and watch. Pants, instead, they succeed, thanks to the pockets and seams, as well as the lower grip of the fabric on the thighs, are better suited to camouflage defects and enhance the body. Let’s explore together, then, some useful tips that can help you in the choice of leggings.

  • It is preferable to wear them with a big t-shirt, big pull or mini dress so as to avoid possible effects of vulgarity, especially because of those excessive scarring which lay out the groin area, side b or thighs to those who wear it, even if the body is almost perfect. No to thin fabrics that create unexpected and unpleasant transparencies.
  • We avoid, then, to choose the golden colors silver or not to become the Christmas balls when not of balls from disco-dance anni 70s. So how am I to avoid fabrics too light if we do not have super-sculpted muscles and toned thighs. While it is true that don’t leave much to the imagination, you are aware that will also highlight the imperfections on the body: orange peel and cellulite.
  • No to the glitter effect or lurex and, for heaven’s sake, even to translucent effect fabrics ultra tech which are absolutely merciless towards the flaws of the thighs. Better to let them choose only to those who have really skinny legs and not showing any obvious imperfections.
  • Other advice referred to treasure: the lines. If you cannot help but to choose a pair of leggings to lines, at least they are vertical and not horizontal, which have the effect of lengthening the figure upwards and not to enlarge it; the horizontal ones tend to shorten and expand, optically, the thigh circumference.
  • The flowers, for example, better choose them only if small, since large ones tend to enlarge the volumes and then to fatten up her thighs.
  • Even in the case of Tartan is best to choose one small check because the big ones, like flowers, widen. Also, because also the red tends to have an aesthetic effect tex-fattening, and participates in tartan plaid, no overly large size. You prefer, then, the dark solid colors, so as to lighten the legs with colors suitable for the purpose.
  • The leggings are worn even at three quarters: in that occasion? Only in the gym, or at least during the summer holiday at the seaside or to do a session of running outdoors. Cut the leg and scorciano, irretrievably, the figure instead of slanciarla.
  • What kind of shoes is best match leggings? Preferably with boots, booties or boots that cover the ankle. For the most elegant, better to opt for sandals-jewel, or, in the case of Ballet flats that fit always very well with any boss. Better to avoid the pumps that don’t flatter your figure.