How to Wear Leggings Right

No other garment are the ghosts so much as with leggings. Except, of course, perhaps at Ugg- Boots and have been officially recognized as a not so nice, even if they are practical. But with us today is about leggings. There is really no one who stands against them neutral. Either you love leggings or you hate it. Point. We you might still be able swayed because Leggings are a practical garment, we show you today how you can wear leggings properly.

Absolutes No Go: stuck shell in Leggings

First of all only, and we really see the most important, you should know that leggings have an age restriction. Women over 50 in leggings? No way! There are so many other nice pants that can be worn and so leggings needs from the age no longer be there in any case. The second most important is to know that leggings are not pants, and hence will not be worn as pants. Too short tops do not look nice if her waistband to emerge let, it is simply too late to do something to save on your styling yet. But even if your shell does not extend to the Po, you should reconsider to attract an other. Leggings Pants are special blend womens snowboard pants and should not replace wear pretty and may ever so pretty girl pretty disfiguring because it brings every single dent on Popo and also on the legs to light. Even worse than too short tops can only be tops that are inserted into the leggings. never looked good and never will be so, please be.

Mainly long shell

Generally leggings is to wear, always a “dangerous” thing. They must fit well, have exactly the right material and in addition it will not slip, otherwise it can quickly even be embarrassing. Best look leggings with a nice, long (!) Best, an XL sweater or a long blouse. Schicker is it with a blazer and cool with a leather jacket. The models range from just below the knee down to the ankle. Just below the knee, however, is not worth to combine on the open road and better suited to the gym. Those who want to combine cleverly leggings, sets on the longest length.