How to Wear Turtleneck Sweater

The turtleneck sweater, when worn properly, it becomes a piece of iconic style that is a little ‘retro and a bit’ contemporary, at the same time.

There is something bold and elegant in turtleneck sweater and, on some men, it is unquestionably adds value.

The special high neck then offers bonus benefits to men with shaved or bald head  and those “ otherwise high”:dIVENTA a pedestal for the face of the first, like a plinth on which the marble sculptures are backed;

It gives a centimeter or two of extra height to the second, as visually lengthens the figure.

Two actors who make wise use of the turtleneck sweater: Tom Cruise’s high around 1.70 without heelsand elegant bald man Common.

The turtleneck sweater is extremely versatile and offers multiple ways to wear it.

It lends itself to casual look as sophisticated sporty look. Check Brief History Of Turtleneck Sweater with

Although Steve Jobs is one of the most famous men of our time to wearing the turtleneck, it is certainly not the first.

Steve McQueen or even Hemingway.

The modern turtlenecks dates back to the late 19th century, although its origins date back hundreds of years before, and was designed for utility reasons to repair the neck from the cold, when her scarf became an element impossible to wear.Sailors, workers and even athletes, therefore, benefited from this practical sweater.

It became a symbol, in Europe, in the second half of the ’20s for existentialists, artists and intellectuals. 

Being born as a male boss, the feminists of the 50s it began to wear as a symbol of gender equality.

In the 60’s it has become a fashion among affluent young, after he was seen wearing by Marcello Mastroianni in the film “The Turtleneck” by Federico Fellini, to whom we owe also the Italian name given to the turtleneck.

Not only Steve McQueen but also his turtleneck worn in the movie Bullit made history

Types of Turtleneck Sweater


  • The turtleneck sweater wool   thick and a little ‘worked (for example braids) is great for adding   texture to an outfit. It gives the eye of the beholder something to   focus attention and   makes the whole more interesting.
  • For its thickness is a difficult garment to be worn as a layering piece, but will be fine alone, for example, on a pair of jeans or chinos.Combined with a gritty boot will not be difficult, then, throw on a leather jacket for a rebellious and sexy look.
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  • Most thin turtleneck sweaters, eg lambswool wool, merino or cashmere, lend themselves to multiple  combinations of layering: under blazers, tweed jackets, sweaters, pullovers and cardigans, dresses and also to  replace the shirt. 
  • The important thing is that it is warm, soft and quality.
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  • If the budget allows, always opt for 100% cotton for the lighter, 100% wool (or mix of wool) for winter ones.A slight amount of artificial fiber may be needed to give elasticity and resistance to the boss, but be aware that the more you raise the percentage of artificial fiber, the lower the quality of the garment. The optimum would be to not exceed 2%.


  • The turtleneck sweater will be quite close to the body, especially in the neck.The mesh should outline the bust softly, but without forming bulges, which is very important especially if you are going to wear it under other leaders.

 How to Wear a Turtleneck Sweater

  • It looks very good and wear under the dress casually, as all men are sure of their style.Wear it tone on tone, for a definitely casual but stylish effect, or in a contrasting color for a more dynamic look.
  • For a younger version and trendy  you can also wear it under a sweater V.
  • Alone, beneatha coat, a trench or a Mac , turtleneck, in its simplicity, it makes a   great style statement … and you will not need the scarf.
  • If you still want to add depth and interest to your casual look, you can wear it under a denim shirt and throw on a tweed jacket.
  • A turtleneck is well worn alone, without any need for styling.The beauty of the high neck is that “garment” without the need for anything else.