How to Wear White Pants

In this article I will talk about Italian style, or “how to get out of his comfort zone without much effort?” (rhyme is natural to me, and I also do birthdays), illustrated by testing a summer outfit Fursac (shirt, white pants, blazer).

You will see that the brand has given a lot to put a spirit “Dolce Vita” in parts. But before going into detail in the test, do a quick summary of the casual elegance in the summer.

Italian style, what is it?

The Italian style is democratized growing. In France, we often dare not wear it because it is often times considered too light, or not adapted to the morphology, or the attitude. Difficult to replicate Pitti Uomo in the Paris (note Benoit: Pitti Uomo is the leading global exhibition of ready-to-wear, and takes place twice a year in Florence) .

In our transalpine friends, style gets better with age: it is not uncommon for Italian industrialists with a supported style (double-breasted jackets with big lapels, colorful pants, etc.)

Some examples:

Style + How to wear jeans and White Pants? (+ Test Fursac)

much rarer phenomenon in France. It’s like saying that Bernard Arnault was recognized for its style (that is clearly not the mentality in France, and it would clearly be frowned upon).

Now that you’ve seen just about what it was, please take a look at the article that compares Geoffrey Italian styles, English, French and American  to go further.

How to adopt the Italian style?

The Italians are less structured clothing, falling in a “natural” at the shoulders. A certain flamboyance seems to emerge from their clothes.

You are reading maybe Milanese Special Selection, blog we love, in which the Italian extravagance is emphasized. It transmits very well the styles you can cruise in Italy.

Example on the photo below: jackets for the gentlemen fall naturally through the padding (padding at the shoulder) little present, which gives them a look nonchalant as you surely also in you. But if, but when.

These more fluid outfits also offer greater freedom of movement. This is the man who is holding, not holding that makes the man ( thank you Renaud).

Be careful not to overdo it! Taste of the fault can quickly happen. If you are not serene, start with strong play and some accessories, you will dilute in a more sober outfit. Go crescendo.

The white pants (jeans or white): Good or Bad Idea?

White pants are a central part in the Italian style.

I know what you’ll say: “Benedict has always told us to never wear white pants!”. I’ll make some small details on this subject, demonstrating that it is easy to be stylish in this dress too often shunned.

Errors not to commit to wear white pants

This type of pants is often found on beaches (and hardly exaggerating!). Banish all that does not hold and has too much volume (cargo pants, chinos too loose, the linen trousers) . Unless you’re dancing capoeira where in this case, we forgive you.

There is nuance. The white pants beach has a vulgar connotation, but be aware that it can, and must, be found in dressy looks, off the beaches and jokari rackets.

Note Benedict: there is the paradox of white pants. It finds its place where we least expect it: in an elegant outfit.

The important thing is to have the structure with white pants . And white jeans are ideal for this.

Benedict notes: Because this is a very showy piece, you have to have a perfect cut. Any unsightly excess volume is noticed immediately .

With white pants, I can put a white shirt?

Look at this look, white trousers have a good performance and the silhouette is balanced.There are total 3 colors, with beautiful reminders.

The problem ? When you go for a coffee at your Zia (tata) Maria, you will not need your jacket. You will have a monochrome style difficult to manage (your Zia suddenly hit you withfilone ).

If you do not like to wear blazers in summer, you can also associate the white pants with a sweater (the Italians love it). You can drop you on color. Force the casual side with a nice pair of running, for example.

Alessandro Squarzi, or the king of the white pants.  It’s a super interesting look you will find on many Italians.
You see it is old, but her outfit remains completely consistent. We feel that he is very comfortable with what he wears. That’s also Italy,
to feel freer with the garment, and support his personality (thanks to the particular accessories).

Italian style at De Fursac

In the first test Fursac , we introduced you turn that takes the brand since 2010. The collections are changing and becoming more creative, fueled by materials increasingly pointed.

This year, De Fursac emphasizes the Italian nonchalance 60s, recreating the decoration of the Villa Capri Mallaparte for their lookbook.

My goal is to show you how a French brand appropriates the Italian style, from without in extreme shock that could Lucienne granny.

Note general culture (I’m sure you’re interested):

Contempt , director Jean-Luc Godard , it tells you something? The film passes precisely in the Villa Malaparte ( note Geoffrey: look at this classic emergency if you do not know !).

This famous villa was built on a cliff on the Isle of Capri for a famous Italian writer (Curzio Malaparte).

Remotest of all, the villa is accessible by foot or by sea.

Opinions differ on the team. I personally do not find in it a great charm, but Benoît love: ” Oh no, Luca, look at me these stairs, this solarium !” Geoffrey also: ” You can not dismiss it as your country, a wave of the hand, just because your name is written strangely .” You also have the right to give us your opinion.

white pants test in De Fursac

As I have said above, it takes a room minimum dressed for the pants is stylish. Here denim is thick enough to not deform, and light enough to withstand hot weather (it remains a summer trousers).

I hesitated as to the choice of this piece. I asked myself many questions about its integration into my dressing room, but in the end it was very natural and easy. What is certain is connoted Italian (we will not again), but I assure you that you will not be disappointed in terms of style, even in France!

The reverses of the pants are not mandatory (personally, I think they reinforce the summer side). Avoid too dark colors so as not to contrast the outfit. Stay on fresh colors during the summer, always.

Note Benedict: we have a perfect example of a strong outfit but consists of simple colors (white, beige, light blue, and gray). Also note the very neat cut on the thighs.

The slant pockets keep your snug pants on your hips. Back pockets, called “revolver”, are more elegant than the pockets you on most of your jeans. A very good point.

The finishes of white jeans Fursac

Everything is really clean (this is an imperative at this price range).

The fork is strengthened by a reinforcement yoke.
Everything is trimmed (what you see in beige, to hide the seams),
which is a real guarantee of quality. Nothing beyond.

How to maintain his white jeans? (The famous question!)

This denim is soft, and therefore catches the dust: do not be afraid to go to the cleaners. Do not wash yourself, he will not like it.

Like a tuxedo, it’s a compelling piece that you can not wear every day. But it will bring a great addition to your outfit, something strong and unique.

My opinion on this white pants

Regarding the matter, it is very nice on the first port. No card effect, unlike paintings selvedge. The pants relaxes very quickly, consider taking it snugly when buying.

The small downside for me is at the crotch: I think there is a small excess of matter, but nothing too bad). This represents an advantage for men with good legs.

The bottom of pants is very well adjusted.

225 euros for white pants, it’s still a bit pricey, but the finishes are impeccable, and the cup is really beautiful. I present this piece because it is very difficult to find an elegant white trousers, easy to integrate in his dressing room. It is available here.  That said, during private sales, you have up to 40% off many items (registration link at end of article).

Testing the linen jacket and silk Fursac

In summer you can not make up your look through the layering (= by stacking layers) so you have to play on the texture of the different pieces  to give personality to the outfit. Without going to wear big scratch … As you can see at Pitti, a slight mottling enough to bring nuance to your outfit.

This blazer is very simple to marry, either with a shirt or a shirt united, for example. At the first port, the material is really surprising. The mottling is very subtle, and allows the part to take good sunlight (the blazer is available here ).

The importance of the material composition

Do not be fooled by the material, it is a piece that is very easy to wear. De Fursac always manages very well to choose elegant materials, but with a little something extra that we find difficult elsewhere.

Here we have a nice original touch, without falling into extremes. The fabric is made of 55% linen and 45% silk (always developed by Lanificio Cerruti ). I especially like this light blue mottling that makes the light jacket.

Why use the linen and silk?

silk characteristics

Silk is an animal fiber produced by silkworms (caterpillars, actually)

  • It is insulating the cold in winter and hot in summer (= thermorégulante).
  • The fibers are strong and do not deform (which counteracts here the flexibility of flax).
  • It is pleasant to the touch.
  • It makes the room light (auspicious in summer).

Flax Features

Flax fiber is obtained by the “retting” outdoor maceration, to separate the fibers of the stem of the flax (the plant).

  • It is thermoregulatory.
  • It is comfortable.
  • It gives volume: it segregates the frame chain.

Note Benedict: flax also brings an interesting texture, quite irregular and more relaxed compared to a simple wool.

Geoffrey note: silk and linen mix mitigates the character crushing flax, while benefiting from its absorbing properties (skin remains dry), and its high resistance to abrafsion.

The finishes of the jacket Fursac

The jacket is not lined for comfort in summer. During hot weather, you will feel the difference from a lined jacket.

The finishes are correct for this price (535 euros) . The inside of the sleeve is lined in viscose (not polyester): This is a good point because rendering is more breathable.

You can see the montage work for the jacket keeps a beautiful structure, leaving the room to

The Prince of Wales shirt

. I’m from the same school that Alex (our white Kanye West): I do not fit my shirts in my pants .I followed one of two Benedict advice to you to guess which:

  1. ” Luca, Coco-Mat mattresses is passing into another world. Everyone is entitled to his share of dreams, so one day I’ll have one. “
  2. ” Everyone should have at least one formal shirt in his wardrobe. “

You’ll understand, I immediately bought a Coco-Mat mattress. After all, I too am entitled to my share of dreams. Then, when in doubt, I thought a nice shirt worth also.

Joking aside, you’ll still need a nice shirt. If you want to detach from the plain white, a subtle pattern of Wales Prince is a very good alternative.

Having a tonal pattern gives wealth to the garment. If you look at the fabric from a distance, you will see just the highlights. But up close, the fabric is completely different, the patterns bring him relief.

Here, the pattern is very discreet, melted into the material,
almost invisible to 2 meters away.

It is truly a summer shirt. Egyptian cotton is very soft: you hardly feel the fabric on your shoulders. It’s really nice. It is available here .

The neck is intentionally flexible, it brings lightness to the shirt. That, too, the Italians love it.

The finishes of the shirt Fursac

For the price of 135 euros, you will receive 7 points cm (it is here in a good price / quality ratio given the level of the confection). After 5 washes, the shirt did not move. It takes still good light and I’m very happy.

I invite you to watch the rest of the collection showing on thefreegeography. As usual, the original materials are waiting for you, with more pronounced color accents. The price / quality ratio is good, and becomes very interesting on some parts during private sales.

Note: thank you to Jacques Shu (press officer at De Fursac) for allowing us to organize this test.