I Enjoyed Myself!

Jewelry is a very personal affair in every respect. Everyone has their own taste-some love yellow gold, other silver, some great statement jewelry, other timeless investment. But not only that, jewelry can also have a symbolic value.

The simplest example, of course, is the engagement or wedding ring. An object that you always carry with you and which reminds you of a great day or a promise. Or the chain that was given with 16 by the first big swarm.Such a small object can often be much more precious to one than the actual, material value.

Over the years I have bought fashion jewelry or trendy earrings or chains, but with high-quality jewelry I have never really dealt properly. Until I then cracked the-30 kg mark and I wanted to take this occasion a special thing that will always remind me of this milestone.

I mused and thought… It should be a piece of jewelery. At first I thought of a diamond ring. But after the months had elapsed, I had rejected the idea somehow and was simply happy with my new body.

Then came 2 weeks ago (so over a year later) a wonderful holiday weekend in Barcelona. Everything was perfect – from the food, to the weather, to our accommodation. 3 1/2 wonderful days in this beautiful city. As always much too early, I had to kill some time at the airport and wandered through the Duty Free Stores without hinds.

Then I saw it-my perfect jewel. A filigree diamond bracelet in white gold. It was love at first glance and within five minutes I left the store with a small bag in my hand.

Now I have 24 hours a day a reminder of one of the most beautiful holidays of all time on my wrist! A timeless bracelet that will accompany me for a long time and is so much more valuable than on paper!

I am already researching for my next smart investment, but for me it does not have to be expensive: