Importance of a Good Sports Bra

If you regularly practice a sport you have certainly noticed that standard lingerie is not really adapted to the exercise, so it is strongly recommended to wear a special bra.

Renounce it could weaken the breast tissue and make him lose its firmness and shape.
During a simple jog, breasts toss and thus solicited they distend.

That’s maybe why you has already happened for pain in the back or the chest after a race or a workout.
Here is advice for choosing your sports lingerie:

Why wear a special bra for the sport?

  • It will ensure comfort and avoid friction with templates with few seams or even without.
  • Often designed in subjects anti-transpirantes and antibacterial techniques, it will let your body breathe while avoiding odors due to perspiration.
  • Sport models will not lose their ability to maintain and, contrary to classic lingerie, will not limit the movement of the chest (thus avoiding the strain on the ligaments that cause pain, or even premature sagging of the breasts).

What model of BRA to choose?

  • Sports Bras are all for physical activities. They are therefore without frames, not to hurt the skin, but are not less support. Choose a model with a preformed cups will ensure even more maintenance.
  • Choose a model with wide straps and a racer back which will avoid you that they slide.
  • Make sure that the elastic under chest is wide enough to keep the BRA in place.

At the level of the closure, there are three possibilities:

  1. either you staple your bra in the back like a lambda bra
  2. either you staple it forward between your breasts for more convenience and ease
  3. There is no system of closing and you put it on or take it off like a t-shirt

For this, it’s your choice according to your needs!

  • Concerning materials, choose the models made from spandex for comfort.

You tell me, glamorous issue, we did better than the BRA. That’s for sure, but at the same time is not really being asked! And now that you have all the keys in hand to make feel you comfortable in your bra during exercise, more question to escape! And remember, a good sports bra is as important as a good pair of basketball !