Instagram Is Full of Them: Join The Trend of Silver Shoes

“Shine: Shine, discharge, or reflect light”, exactly what you will do if you sucumbes to one of the This spring season trends, shoes in silver. The street style, fashion blogs, and above all, the source of photographic inspiration and social network most used ever, Instagram, already have echoed it. And you, would you decide to shine with your? metallic shoes?

The flatforms have also succumbed to the silver color

The flatforms are petando it, It is a fact, but what happens when you add two trends such as these shoes and the metallic shine of the? color silver?, accurate, a viral trend, something about what Zara knows enough, and this pair of brogues with platform is to be one of his last hits.

Do tip Oxfords?, I want to!

Several years ago that the Oxford they gave a new leap for female costumes becoming a rescued tendency of the past, and since then have decided to reinvent itself to not leave us.

With tip and silver, these shoes traditionally Scottish (or Irish) are another alternative to follow one of the This spring-summer 2015 trends.

The slippers that fell to Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni does not stitch without thread, or what is the same, where it says the eye puts the bullet, and did not hesitate to include various metallic colors in the model Slipper in his previous collection – in the collection for this summer season there are also various styles of shoes in these tones. Slippers that we have seen on the feet of bloggers from all over the world and that she has not hesitated to show off hundreds of times.

The slip ons continue to give war

The slip ons had its peak a couple of years, although it was not until last spring when actually rose like foam. The pony hair slip ons and more specifically, its model with Leopard print were (and are) the most viewed not only online, but also to foot of street, but would soon replace them the? slip ons in silver?

The silver Blücher out your more masculine side

Yes your style rubs androgyny, you love the roll models tomboy as Eddie Campbell and you crazy male shoes, no doubt the Silver Blücher they will become part of your wardrobe. Forget black shoes and put some rock ‘n’ roll to your looks!