Interview with My Heels

Today in demodaybelleza I bring you Raquel Rodríguez , the editor of the blog My heel of put and put, one of the most influential bloggers in the north of Spain. The truth is that we had so much fun with her during the interview she has given us exclusively.

Interview with My Heels

In addition to being a hardworking woman, the truth is that Raquel, the editor of the blog My heel of put and put, has fallen in love with his sweetness and personal charm.

The Keys to the Success of My High Heels

Raquel Rodríguez, tells us that there is no success without a record and a good job behind, and is that the editor of the blog My heel of pick and drop, is an enterprising woman who always tries to fight for her dreams.

The Interview with Raquel Rodriguez of the Blog My Heel

My heel removes and opens our doors to meetRaquel Rodríguez in the first person. Do you want to know how she has managed to be one of the most influential bloggers in the north of Spain?

How Does the Blog My Heels Take off?

“The adventure with the blog My heel of put and comes comes from an earlier blog I had, which was called  The Bargains of Raquel, who believes it with the purpose of sharing all thebargains and bargains I found not only in fashion but also in offers Leisure, restaurants, amusement parks, etc. I had the fame gained among my friends of being the one who always found the best prices for everything . And as a result of this blog, I started to call almost all events related to fashion, for example to parades, to store openings, etc. And then it was when I began to chop the worm to start a new stage and create this new blog of My heel remove and putto share my daily looks.”

How Do You Combine Your Working Life with Your Blog?

“The truth is that this question I have done many times. Because I work 8 hours apart and the time I have left is minimal. That’s why I use the weekend to prepare the looks and make thephotos , then during the week I edit the photos and I’m uploading the posts.”

How Would You Define Your Style?

“I do not like pigeonhole in a single style, but it would rather be the sum of 4. In my day to day I usually go more casual or casual sport, and on the weekend I usually wear more lady with bohoand ethnic-boho touches.”

The Key to the Success of the Blog

“I believe that magic formulas do not exist, and in the end all success requires a hard work, effort and above all a constancy in the day to day. In addition, many things must be sacrificed in order to reach everything.”

3 Essential Items for the Return to the Routine

Rachel from the blog My heels, he tells us what he’s going to do next season.

The Bombers

That have been the star garment this past spring-summer season, they will continue to be during the fall in fabrics a little thicker.

Pleated  Midi Cut Skirts

Both in a casual way with sports and T-shirts with message as well as more arranged with a little heel.

Metallic Garments

This new season is what the orders aremetallized garments and full of shine in all types of garments, both skirts, dresses, shirts, etc.Surely if you have gone through any store, you have noticed that all the new collection garmentsshine.

What Do You Have Left of the Blog My Heel?

“I would stay with the personal relationshipsthat you are doing through the blog both in events and through social networks. It really is people who have the same hobbies and tastesand finally you end up establishing a friendship. ”

I hope you have enjoyed meeting Raquel Rodríguez, the editor of the blog Mi calon de remo y pon. I leave you the complete video of the interview.