Invicta Watch for Man

A name from the meaning of “Invincible” and a history spanning almost two centuries: Invicta seems not decline ever. The company was founded in 1837 by the skilled hands of highly experienced watchmaker Raphael Picard, convinced he can create the highest quality wristwatches for everyone.

Over the 70s the brand disappears, following the advent of quartz, reappearing in the early 1990s, thanks to some descendants of Picard, stronger and in vogue than ever.

Invicta Watches: Fine Watches at Affordable Prices

The man watches Invicta have peculiar feature to provide a medium to high quality at low costs absolutely content. So if you want to keep a watch on your wrist and personality by limiting spending, the choice can only fall back on the Invicta brand.

Unlike sports style timepiece, these watches are made from the highest quality materials, the same ones that are used by the most sought after and expensive brands.

Straps made of steel or, only for a few models, plastic or leather, satin-gloss that both occur. Special models with shiny strap in the center and side portions, which are so opaque with a touch of personality, especially if this difference of polishing is highlighted by choosing contrasting colors.

Some models have a slightly less full-bodied and sometimes this lightness in the mesh can be felt in a particularly noticeable with the watch on your wrist. The closures are always strong and reliable and are, in almost all models, equipped with safety clasp. The bracelets are adjustable according to the size of your wrist.

The dials, round, are in analog version or with chronograph included. Made with great care, are often protected from non-reflective glass for easy reading. Very classy dials with black background with contrasting elements in gold or silver, all very glossy, are particularly elegant.

Some models are provided with luminescent Hands. The chronographs, generally, have just one hand for measuring seconds. Present in some models also have a date display, adjustable through the appropriate Crown. The hands are well polished, almost as much as the high end brands.

The glass of these watches is created with a particular system, called “Petsinclude“. It is a fusion of sapphire crystal, harder, with mineral glass, softer. The result of this mix is a rather resistant glass, even more lasting than panes manufactured using other techniques.

The colors of the rings vary from gold to silver, no Miss black, of course. Especially the combination of blue with golden steel ring typical of some models. Monodirectional dials of watches Invites sometimes are initially a bit harsh, but after some adjustment reach the correct resistance.

The crates have important dimensions and possess a substantial weight that increases the feeling of resistance and quality that has the watch (though sometimes, as said, contrasts with the lightness of the strap).

The case back is present in several models adds a touch of uniqueness and leave visible the movement, almost always automatic. It is the case that the movement, as well as the buckle which closes the bracelet, embossed company logo.

Excellent diver models, made of stainless steel and resistant to a maximum pressure of 20 bar, equivalent to a depth of nearly 200 metres. Another point in favour of Invicta watches is precision, shown at +5 seconds per day.

Invicta Watches: Unoriginal? It’s Your Judgement

From a design point of view, it must be said that these watches are not particularly original, although give the wrist a certain personality. Some models are reminiscent of high-end products like some Omega watches.

If that one side is obviously a sign of lack of originality, the other allows us to have on your wrist, and costs a few euros, a watch that can be mistaken for a luxury product. However, the variety of models, you can afford the one best suited to your taste and to your character.

Do not underestimate even the care taken in packaging. Individual watches come protected, various parts, from transparent films. Originals also Pack, some of which are strong and vivid colors.

How Much do They Cost?

The real strength of Invicta watches, as already mentioned, is the price. Despite technical specifications, the costs are not high. Considering the excellent quality of the brand would expect far higher figures, while the average price is around 100 euros. In any case, rarely some models exceed 300 euros.

No doubt these watches are not comparable to the best models on the market. Despite this, the technical characteristics more than good, the similarity of design with much more expensive brands and scopes, strength and solid feel that broadcast, combined with great value make these models suitable for wrists.

Given the variety of models, from the most classic to the most unusual sports and age groups targeted the Invicta watches are diverse, from young boy to business man. Also very uncomfortable for athletes, especially models with smaller or dial divers, dive enthusiasts will surely love.