Jewelry for Halloween: Decoding the Most Symbolic Ornaments

The first night of November is the celebration of an old Celtic party: Halloween.Traditionally, on the eve of “Todos los Santos”, we go to parties and disguise ourselves. Since this party is coming very soon, I want to ask you a question.

Have you chosen your costume yet? In social networks they are saying that for this year all the girls are going to dress like Harley Quinn. But let’s consider other options forjewelry in Halloween 2016.

If you do not want to frighten anyone, and besides, this party does not have a mystical nature for you, and you just want to have fun, then you should not choose decorative accessories. Halloween jewelry is not going to play the role of supplement in costumes. This jewelry will be limited to underline the mood of your day and night. So the first thing I want is to pay attention to the earrings that are quite extravagant in the form of spiders. These earrings can be completely different and even do not have to cause fear.

Although being a “witch” is a somewhat boring choice. So let’s look at other looks for the new Halloween season. The first look is the Victorian style, you do not have to be the bride of the dead or a countess, since the white makeup will do everything for you. Victorian style necklaces and hair ornaments will be appropriate for Halloween.Even a large vintage ring is a great addition to this look according to Lawfaqs.

And yet, you can choose cuff earrings as an additional accessory. This style is able to give you a bohemian look perfectly. And, these earrings are very relevant right now. So you can wear them until next Halloween.

But if you want a more serious and dark look, then Gothic jewelry for Halloweenmay be a real option for you. But do not forget that sometimes you do not have to wear a real Halloween costume. You can simply put all the black things you find in your closet. And you must decorate your look with a long necklace of gold with crosses of different sizes. This style is basic for fans of punk and gothic subcultures.

You can also choose a necklace of gold or a bracelet with a pendant in the shape of a snake. After all, the snake is a vivid Halloween symbol, as well as spiders, skulls, or witch hats. In addition, a gold necklace is a great addition to any look in the afternoon. You can buy this style on the Viviane Guenoun Accessories website .

Viviane Guenoun is a successful Venezuelan jewelry firm with 25 years of experience.With their unique and innovative designs they are considered market leaders in Venezuela, through the commercial alliance they made to enter other markets. Such as Colombia, Dominican Republic, Panama, Miami.

There were a lot of legends about the magical power of black agate and only a few people had a ring with this mineral.
And, in effect, a suitable black agate gives a mysterious look and can be a great choice for your Halloween jewelry. Big earrings or agate rings will adorn your disguises. You could choose the look of Queen Ravenna from “Snow White and The Huntsman”.

Beads, necklaces and bracelets with these colors are an excellent choice for this halloween. Attention should also be paid to the special elements for this time; Skulls, spiders, bats, etc.

You can choose the modest, but very elegant and atmospheric jewelry from Karolina Spyra . She works the wire wrapping technique and creates copper jewelry. You can buy these pieces at our site

In fact these rings are considered relevant for casual styles. Therefore, you can feel free to try this style at your own option.

I wish you could create a vivid look and find beautiful jewelry. And, of course, a joyful Halloween!