Jewelry Pawn is Easy Credit Option

Search for registers growth mode; in the region, amount of money lent jumped from R to R $13 $10.4 mi mi in the quarter

Low interest rates, lack of bureaucracy and quick release of credit are some of the factors that lead more and more people pawning jewelry. The line of pledge of Caixa Econômica Federal loans took place across the country in the amount of R $1.42 billion in the first quarter of this year, 8.8% amount above the same period last year.

In the regional Superintendence of Londrina, involving 92 municipalities, the volume between the quarters jumped from $10.4 million to $13 million, R R growth around 20%.

Of the total, in the region of Londrina, 52% of permanent contracts correspond to the micropenhor, directed to the low-income population, with interest rate of 1.95% per month. According to the regional manager, José Carlos Rodrigues, the vast majority of people who use the micropenhor is composed of women who need to pay personal debts. ” People are looking for this mode when they need an increase in the budget. It’s an easy credit, it does not need a guarantor because the jewelry itself is already a guarantee, ” he said according to ESTATEREALEST.

He notes that the volume of loans through pledge had been keeping in recent years, but demand has increased after the outbreak of the global financial crisis. From 2008 to 2009, the number of contracts of pledge operation grew 4% and the loan value rose 13.67%. However, even after the critical period of the crisis, the pledge has been showing attractive to most people, taking into account the 20% growth in credit in this first trimester released over the same period of 2009.

To make the pledge, the person concerned shall resort to any agency that works with box mode (in the area of regional agencies accredited to that in Londrina, Cornélio Procópio, Apucarana and Telêmaco Borba). It is possible to put a lien on goods such as jewelry, noble metal, polished diamonds, pearls, watches, pens and silver (these last three must be original and meaningful value).

In addition to the fine, the applicant must present identity document, CPF legally before the IRS and proof of residence. The jewel passes for evaluation in the Agency itself and the loan must match up to 85% of the appraised value. The minimum limit is R $50 and R $50000 maximum per customer. The money is released on time.

The interest rate of the bond is 2.25% per month. In the micropenhor, which has 1.95% rate, the loan is limited to R $1500-to enter this mode, the person may not have any financial application above R $3000. In both cases, the deadline for payment is 30 to 180 days, the choice of the person concerned.

At the time of recruitment are paid the values relating to interest and other charges as the insurance rate (for compensation in case of death of the owner of the goods and of robbery, theft or loss of the objects). Depreciation is only at the end of the contract, with discharge of the loan and bailout of the pawned object. ” If the person does not have the money, she can renew (the contract) how many times she needs, as long as it makes the payment of interest, ” says Rao.


The goods whose contracts are not paid or renewed go to auction. The box holds auctions on average every 45 days. According to the regional manager José Carlos Rodrigues, the jewelry can be sold at prices between 10% to 30% below the market value. The next auction happens on the day 17 of this month in Curitiba (Rua Marechal Deodora, 450). Will be offered lots of 3,980 various agencies of the State. The largest value (R $20900) contains a platinum ring with a diamond. The smallest value (R $63) corresponds to a ring and two gold earrings.

Those interested in participating can bid looking for self-service rooms of the agencies of the State on the day 17. To view the jewelry, only at the auction on day 17, of 11 to 16 hours. The results will be on day 18, at 10 hours. The result may also be consulted on the internet at address The edict and the bid catalog are also available for consultation on the page.

Gisele Marie/Team Sheet