Jewelry Properly Store

Are you also so that your jewelry box is a big pile of mess? I really love jewelry, but for some reason I can’t get down’s, that this is neat and easily stored. When I’m ready in the morning, I pick me the appropriate piece of jewelry in my jewelry box and in the evening I put it into again, sees itself above all others about it and without any order. And the next morning I resent it, because it is actually not so difficult to take some more time for the order for its treasures.

I quite like it if some pieces on the decorative jewellery doll are draped. This is but only with fashion jewelry because silver for example prefer should be stored in a jewelry box, so that it does not start. You could tinker of course also something to store the beloved earrings, necklaces and bracelets. I think for example of a pretty branch to be sprayed with white paint and then attaches to the wall. There you could place his whole treasures on the branches, and immediately has everything at a glance.

But I think it is better to keep the jewelry in a sealed box, so that it does not start, free from dust and break can go. If I had enough room in the apartment I would probably opt for a beautiful jewelry Cabinet. There you have to stow enough square all his treasures, and it looks always neatly. When still a mirror is mounted outside, you can directly see whether it is the matching jewelry to the chosen outfit.
How you stored your jewels? Have her make you even something yourself?