Jewelry to Carry on Bag and Enjoy the Holidays

July is vacation month for many people, and the choice of how to set up a functional and lightweight bag is always a big challenge. But of course you don’t have to sacrifice style and elegance or leave behind the power of adornment of jewelry!

The suggestion, in this case, is to make a strategic choice of lightweight items, casual and versatile, that can be used in the most different occasions without volume or extra weight in your luggage.

Two or three pairs of earrings (a more delicate and a flashier model) to switch over the days are a good starting point.

A necklace or pendant delicate are always welcome to light up the lap. Combination of striking design rings and without excesses ensures fail-safe personality to your hands.

And some bracelets are lightweight option for who likes to show off her wrists.

Add a set with a little sparkle (diamonds or rhinestones bring this effect) it is advisable to take a dinner or special event during the tour according to investtops.

You can be assured that this kit will make you fall into the trap of excess baggage or will steal space from other essential items that you need to take, but will significantly enhance your beauty in vacation pictures. Bet and enjoy!