Jewelry Trash and Soul

It is the latest in jewelry. The firm Trash and Soul He managed to gain a foothold among the jewelry more chic of the moment. And I’m not surprised, because the originality of its parts is the main feature of this firm. How do I met this brand? As the last Christmas my sister received a gift from her boyfriend, a pair of earrings and a pendant of gold which were some simple but beautiful plates. They seemed so original that I decided to investigate the firm. And what I’ve found?

First, the peculiarity of the firm name: Trash and Soul, that means trash and soul. And it is that the designs of the pieces are all those objects that we all throw away in our daily lives and that, despite being already useless, for Pablo Reinoso, Architect of the firm, they are not, there is something spiritual. Hence its original and eye-catching name.

The first collection we are with egg shells, as the bracelet that left the first image, matches, see the first picture pendant, sheets of bottle, cans, buttons, as the pendant located to the left of the second image or squeezed lemon shells as the ring, located to the left of the second picture. The collection is carved in yellow gold and white gold. I assure you sheets draw much attention and are great.

Madrid was the city chosen by the brand to open its first store in Spain. Is located in the barrio Salamanca, in the Goya Street, 19, one of the most glamorous of the capital. Stop by the shop and will you fall in with their treasures.