Karl Lagerfeld Linea Low Cost

Another designer yields to the charm of immediate success. Even Karl Lagerfeld will be added to the list of designers who in one way or another have made a first timid approach to the fashion market accessible, in other words low cost . There you can believe? The kaiser of fashion never misses a chance to talk about his work, and is ready to add a line to his label. It will be called ” Masstige” and will be sold only on the Internet, a choice that suggests a young target, the one who likes to surf the net and especially what often does not have the same client funds which the designer is accustomed.

Why Masstige? Why is the contraction of two words dear to the designer, mass, like the public, which means “capture” and prestige, by the touch that should never be lacking to its collections.

That the initiative is just outside the Lagerfeld himself said: “The elitism of mass and ‘my dream for a long time, I think it was my duty to do it now with my name,” he has held the fashion designer, confirming then with the facts rehearsal made in 2004 when Lagerfeld had conceived thirty heads for H & M ( now offers Lanvin, Alber and its Ebaz, as guest brand). Also the hand behind the successful collections Chanel and Fendi accessories sensational, then caught the trend launched by other designers before him: to create for an audience with less ability but more numerous. Lagerfeld, who for several years offers a collection under his own name recently gave up on show in Paris with his collection – that it should have, according to the calendar, catwalks 3 October- because of much more commercial turn that took the stylistic line of leaders.