Knot Violence H&M

Even H & M, even a capsule collection. We can not avoid riproporvele, because the brand always manages, with each new line that produces, to make his mark by getting more and more original results, and in this case, of extraordinary relevance. The new line Knot Violence Collection is in fact a hymn to peace, a series of garments that brings up the will of the brand to stand against violence and if inquadrassimo in the context that there is closer, against war. Let’s see how.

H & M, now a reference point in the young fashion and low cost sector, both fields of very large development and great success, has chosen more than once to focus on important grounds and current affairs, remember his capsule unisex collection made to ‘interior of the AIDS prevention campaign, or even the continued commitment of the economic fashion giant in the field of environmental protection.

The capsule collection includes various models Knot Violence t-shirts and tank tops whose printing back with insistence on the theme of peace and does it with modern graphics and using the gun symbol with the knotted barrel created by the artist Carl Fredrik Reutersward that first he used it to condemn the murder of John Lennon.

So we have a very beautiful tank top in white, with the press of the knotted gun and written in a bright yellow “No Violence”, which also written back over the other alternate models to “Knot Violence” or the one that more easily we can recognize: “Imagine a world in peace”, icon sentence of the younger generation, that none of us will ever forget.