Kriss Moda Intima-Girl’s Pajamas

If you want to see how it was done and this photo session was made for Kriss Moda Intima in the contrapasada of Murcia, watch this video

Well welcome to a new article, this is a photo shoot for the trade Kriss Moda Intima in Alcantarilla, Murcia.

This photo shoot has a special touch, as we take the photos by riding a bed in the counterpart. For those who do not know the counterpart, it is an enclosure that is in new wild boar, a park full of trees where in good weather is full of families who go there to spend the day. I already did a report a few months ago there: photographs of Pay2 Moda Infantil.

This time we went a little further and as I say we mounted a bed that gave a very cool touch to the session, I have to thank Paco Montalban a Totana furniture company for leaving me the head ;-).

Kriss Intimate Fashion

In the store of Kriss Moda Intima you will find pajamas of great quality for your girl with the latest trends and with very economic prices. You can find it on the Alcantarilla Avenue. At the end of this article I leave you the link to Facebook of Kriss Moda Intima, where you can see the address, phone and photographs of their products ;-).

The truth is that we had a great time riding that bed and doing the photo shoot, enjoying that wonderful counterpart that we have in Murcia and that few people know.

I hope as always that you liked it and enjoyed the video. Very soon I will bring something very very cool that you sure like, I do not say more;-). A greeting and see you soon with MAS¡¡¡.