Leggings A Myth With A Mission

Leggings today is a fashionable and sexy women’s wardrobe item. And now you are enjoying your best moments.

Know how to combine leggings  and how to use them to become a luxurious and irresistible woman. The leggings like them and have used them stars of size of Madonna among many. Following the example of the stars, they are used by women. Fashion experts have repeatedly expressed their opposition to leggings, considering them vulgar clothes, completely devoid of taste and spoils the appearance of a woman. And that was why. Leggings of the 1980s were made of synthetics, painted in poisonous colors and looked rather harsh. Leggings of the 21st century became an ornament for women. Although they are very tight, but at the same time they become a comfortable and warm. They are made with synthetic materials with the addition of a new generation of wool and cotton and dyed in precious shades, fine prints, lace, transparencies. In DEADLYLEGGINGS you will find the latest models most coveted fashion. Combination options of leggings and other garments can be chosen according to your preferences. Ideally a combination of black leggings with a long sweater. This is the most practical clothes for work, trips out of town, shopping, school, especially if done in pastel shades. If you like leggings in gray, black or brown shades, then they are combined with a wide range of clothing: variable length skirts, loose dresses, dresses, robes and shorts. Any set will give your image a personality and wide appeal; A successful combination are the black leggings, with a white collar sweater or a shirt, light jacket or a booties jacket, with high heels. Complete the set of jewelry and match the jacket; Very sexy and looks very little is a burgundy jersey, black leggings, black booties or high heels, along with a black bracelet. For party nights the most interesting options are leggings, leather, leggings with animal prints, with ethnic patterns. Especially impressive leggings look with sequins, with lace, leggings, decorated with embroidery, ribbons, lace, pearls. They can be combined with mini skirts, shorts, short dresses – bustier, sleeveless dress, short dress with an asymmetrical cut.