Leggings of Leather for Gorditas

These leggings are well known and distinguished by their material of latex or synthetic leather that gives the impression that were made of leather.

This garment is quite used to go out at night, but you can also take it for a stylish casual look of day. Everything will depend on with that other garments and accessories will it combine.

The gorditas leather leggings are perfect for going to a party with opinion of hyperrestaurant, because it is striking and sophisticated; I recommend that you take a Shaper girdle for best styling your Figure and also to refine the size, use a belt to not miss the elegant style.

The gorditas leather leggings should not necessarily be black, also exist in shades of silver and gold, the look you’ll have will be elegant, youth and above all striking, if you’re the girls who like to attract attention.But always combine it with whole and neutral colors.

A derivative of the leggings are the famous jeggins which are pants alicrados and tight to the body, but more like a jean cut. These leggings are cool to the girls caderonas if the cut is high or the waist, dare to wear this garment by combining with other garments that make you see feminine and sexy.
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