LG Round Face Smartwatch

Berlin technology show IFA(5 -10 September), unexpectedly emerged as the biggest event in the world of smart watches this year. Several major premieres already promised, but every day we add something new to the list of expected announcements. From Sony is expected performance of SmartWatch 3, Asus promises byudzhetet product codenamed’s Robin, the Samsung might show Samsung Gear 2 Solo, and long-awaited chap Moto 360 Motorola’s this time should not miss its market launch (scheduled a special event before IFA).

These days a channel LG Mobile Global in video portal YouTybe appear official clip reveals that LG will also present a new “wearable” proposal during IFA 2014. The video reveals that it is a clever clock with a circular design that probably It will be called the G Watch, the R. With mild irony Moto 360 staff focus on sentence “for a perfect circle”. This suggests that perhaps LG has managed to collect hardware for display under the screen and avoided the need for annoying black bar (element) as we see at the bottom of the hull of the Moto 360. The video does not give much information about the other parameters of the LG G Watch R, but still can be seen footage of functionality compass and pedometer. It is almost certain that the management over the hardware will be submitted to the Android Wear with Bluetooth smartwatch sold on TucsonSmartwatches official site.

Apparently LG relies a lot on the niche of smart watches, offering a new model very soon LG G Watch in July. Already there were different rumors and suspicions that the LG working on the next generation of smart clock after LG Watch, the G, but if too little is creeping idea that the proposal will be a classic round watch design. Only in recent weeks Korean media began to comment on the possibility of presenting new wearable electronics by LG during the IFA 2014. The estimated glorious moment of the premiere and market success Moto 360 might be dangerous marred by the appearance of the LG G Watch R. Meanwhile, confirmed rumors that Samsung is also working on a smart watch with a circular display, although the leader in the niche is far from ready for market launch. Participants in this technological battle in May came to the conclusion that the merits of smart watches combined with the classic design of mechanical watches is the formula that causes the greatest interest among the audience. All interesting and mysterious for this year our favorite niche yet to be clarified in the coming weeks.