London-Look By Asos Plus: Denim Shirt Bomber Jacket

As already reported, I was last week at the invitation of ASOS in London. There were also very much input to the new in addition to General information about ASOS and a super exciting tour through the headquarters plus & tall collection, which is already launched in December. But for the first time quite soft and without great fanfare – because a lot will do!

All participants who were invited to the event, could select in advance three pieces from the collection – I signed up for two shirts and a leather bomber jacket (a bomber jacket had to be of course :-)) decided.

In this post I show you the denim shirt with back print and the bomber jacket as first my London looks:

In itself a pretty classic look that can be styled but pretty casual. I have only the top button of the shirt, including an also long cut T-Shirt and do this then the suede bomber jacket. With knit CAP and the Dr. Martens, which I bought the day before on the Camden market, a good outfit. High, by the way: roll pants remains probably up in the course this year! I’ve seen this quite often in London, and even not only closely cut jeans, but very wide pants – including socks in allenmöglichen colors are excellent shot!

Real sightseeing have I not made in London, but still a lot on the small photo tour for the blog seen. Big Ben, the London Eye and of course the typical red telephone booths and double ceiling buses.

I just love the picture with the bus! We had been waiting, an absolute coincidence was that one of the biplane passes and we have it in the background (on the Waterloo Bridge that pass through every minute), that then still a Black Cab in the image is broke right!

Directly at the head of the Waterloo Bridge is beautiful Sommerset House, where the London fashion week takes place. With a beautiful terrace and great courtyard, where you can take a peaceful, short break from the hustle and bustle Central London in one of the Cafés.

The outfit is a really brilliant city look. No matter what you choose: shopping, musical or drinks in a bar. No matter how long you’re on the go! The outfit fits all relaxing locations and is ideal for a day in the city – even if you still don’t know where it will take you. Generally a practical look for spring or autumn, because the bomber jacket is light and yet warm and the denim shirt without a jacket is completely when the sun comes out…

With the suede jacket the whole thing is yes a pretty solid look, without the jacket, the back print to the fore and PEPS is the complete outfit.

Yet it is so that the parts of the ASOS PLUS & TALL collection are quickly sold out. But then something will change… and there will be more pieces in large sizes in the shop. I am extremely forward! Applies so far: always look at the shop over and look what came in on new products, that changes really almost daily.

You can find more about my London trip here: London with ASOS