Long Cardigan over Blouse Dress

I think I recently mentioned in some post that I ordered a dress for this year’s company Christmas party. I ordered the dress for sure in M ​​and L. With the foreseeable intention to return the non-fitting dress again. Ruckzuck were delivered to me the two dresses and the trying on showed me that size L is for me the better choice. In M, I would have fit as well because the material is stretchy, but Size L is just a ticking longer.

What more pleases me. No two days later I discover the dress at Black Friday Sale 20% cheaper. Hm…how annoying. Why did not I immediately think about this discount Friday when I ordered something? The spitcher in me brought me to the idea of ​​simply ordering the dress again and sending the other two back. Said and done. No three days later I had the dress at a lower price. Last week, my daughter came to visit in the evening and wanted to give me advice on what she could wear at her company Christmas party. I have to say, we both do not have the same dress size. My daughter is much narrower and carries at least 1.2 sizes smaller. But in a few of my tightly cut tops it fits already pure. They sit with her something slacker. So I sometimes let her slip into my new dress-and look as it fits. On the other hand, I was happy for my daughter, but a little wondered how well the dress sits. Actually, it should be a little too big for her. But  beautiful, so was the clothes question for my daughter her Christmas party solved.

My daughter’s Christmas party was last weekend. Yesterday she called me to tell me about the many compliments about her outfit. But not only that! She has discovered on the label in the dress that it is the size M, but the label on the outside indicates a L. The dress is so wrong. No wonder the dress of my daughter fit so perfectly. Just stupid for me, because the dress is too short for me. So I ordered it now again. Unfortunately no longer with the Black Friday discount. Well, and the other dress I can not change, because it was already worn. Sure, I could complain because of false labeling. But to explain all this would be too complicated for me. My daughter keeps the size M for herself. There are surely still a few opportunities to attract the beautiful part. New Year’s Eve is also still in front of the door. I find funny that mother and daughter wear the same dress for their Christmas holidays. This shows how individual the dress is. Is young and old! If you want to know what is the dress, it is available atAboutYou*.* Affiliatelink

For me, what is a mini dress is more in the category of tunic. But what I have selected in the online shop for you is called andyeducation.com. Also a suitable description. So here is a blouse dress at AboutYou*and one of Pepe Jeans*at Zalando. My long cardigan is still gray in & other Stories*.*Affiliatelink