Long Party Dresses Mango Fall: Economic Glamour

After a ride by Mango, as all you know is one of my favorite stores, my big question is where are the sales? A single coat hanger dresses and other t-shirts are all discounted items that I could find, and that we never got to the first half of July. That Yes, the sign of “new collection” is now available in all stores. A reflection that I wanted to share with all of you because I think it is outrageous.

Rebates aside, is one of the great innovations that I have watched in the past two seasons, the Catalan company gives special importance to the long party dresses, Since performs a specific line for these special occasions. And positive I have to say that they are beautiful and very economical designs.

If you have an afternoon wedding and you still don’t know what to wear and also your budget is reduced, or think. Choose a long dress handle, they are not discounted because they are already considered to be new season, but they are elegant and sophisticated. This model of neck halter and back on the air, you have it available in purple and cherry colour, combined with a golden belt. Its price is of 139 EUR. Wear it with Golden accessories.

according to itypejob,If you are brunette, bet by the color nude to highlight your Tan. Designs strapless neckline, some carved in chiffon with sequins on shoulders and waist details (139 EUR), and other point-adaptable to the body and draping at the waist (99 EUR).

Silver also has various models. Gauzy skirt and cute tight body or asymmetrical neckline with Rhinestone strap (159 euros), that by the way, reminds me of some designs of the party from last season Pronovias collection.

Across the line, the proposal that I least like is this leopard print long dress. Yes, it is a trend, but it does not convince me nothing. Cutting vaporous and suggestive cleavage is perfect for a wedding on the beach. Its price is of 129 euros.

And as in any collection that boasts can not miss the classic and sober black dresses. Simple but you can get out of trouble. If you combine them with color plug-ins, to give him your look a chic touch. Its price is of 89 euros.

My favorite is this wonderful creation in black with original chiffon skirt and low of mini-volantes, brace matching… asymmetrical neckline to style Greek inspiration, feel great.

So he left behind. Do not you think beautiful?