Look Good Feel Good during Pregnancy

Pregnant famous beauties continue to look great, regardless of changes in waist circumference them. This star style for pregnant will help all expectant mothers to draw ideas for inspiring outfits and raise your mood.
Because no matter how you enjoy growing their bellies, sometimes the inability to wear your favorite beautiful clothes makes them feel less attractive as before.

Maintaining a stylish vision during pregnancy can be a real challenge. The easiest way to choose something inspiring, comfortable and chic, is to “steal” the idea of a celebrity. In the gallery below you can see inspirations from always dressed expert Kim Kardashian to stylish combinations Chris Teagan.

The top model Chrissy Teagan proudly displays her swollen belly. It looks stylish and knows how to dress, because it has an affinity for fashion and able to carry everything. Beauty shines with happiness, because finally fulfilled his dream of becoming a mother. We are sure that will look dazzling as ever and will provide many ideas for beautifully dressed pregnant.

Reality star Kim Kardashian is a role model and a unique style. Every her toilet was observed and commented upon in the press, so it can not compromise with your appearance. Already pregnant for the second time, the brunette presented a bunch of stylish combinations of clothes and accessories suitable for any occasion.

Actress Blake Lively presented the most stylish and attractive combinations of clothes for maternity. The winter style the star will definitely appeal to all expectant mothers, probably with the exception of high heels from which the blonde did not give up even in late pregnancy.
As a mother of three children and fashion icon Gwen Stefani knows how to dress stylishly and comfortably. The star has its own unique style and is a real find when it comes to the combination of clothes. It easily becomes a role model and her clothes during her pregnancy were distinguished, comfortable and bright as her.

Stylish star visions of pregnant for warmer or colder months of the year can rip the pictures in the gallery below.