Looks for Work, Short Dresses and Classic Style

Zara He has never sought anything extravagant in their proposals. They always tend to be fairly restrained and classic. The portrait of an elegant woman at the same time that very casual, which keep Street style that for years distinguishes the brand.

In this collection fall-winter 2010 / 2011 Zara It has been a little more conservative, offering sets and styles that even though they are to the last, in some cases can be too formal.

The domain of a boring autumn Red

This fall is going to be boring, it was last year and the of two even more. Dress with more muted colors only hobby is an exception this year: Red. Surprised to see how much black and tones of earth colors unique color live that has endured is the red. Zara reaches propose complete looks, something that already seems to me excessive.

Better to combine it with the black which is a union that never fails, two very complementary colors.

Zara coats for fall 2010

according to CachedJewelry,The military trend is that more is being seen in many shelters, Hence the double breasted is so widespread, that the straight cuts are fashionable and to combine well are under-age musketeer boots as high as you can stand (knee maximum please).

A short coat, sober and straight in black is the choice that never fails. On the second day you can get bored if we carry it all the time to work.

Style detective and the 1970s reach shelters with colors ground of the time.

They also make it the layers, garment brands will not rest until impose.

The British style, with pictures such as stamping and a very off color, reach the shelters to leave one of the models that have liked me more, especially by the incorporation of the belt and the false pockets on the surface. This is the autumn.

The fashion of the Quilted coats do not share it, does not like me and that less imposing them me because Yes. Any look better with another shelter that this is not.

Zara thinks of working women

Only thus explained looks so bored like these. Looks that teach us sets so bland that they seem designed to not jump the alarms in an office by original and eye-catching way.

The working woman lies with the pencil skirt and the sweater of cashmere with a patterned blazer.

Sets of two parts, with double-breasted and double breasted, completely in Brown Earth or tobacco. Perfect for work but once out of there very boring.

And if we don’t want a jacket, well you can opt for a high-waisted and jersey skirt set.

But to give some life to look better opt for the classic black and white never-fail.

Zara and short dresses for autumn 2010

The most outstanding feature of the new items from Zara they are the short dresses as this maxijersey that meets turn of minidress. I love it.

Black comes to the Silk dresses with SAG and a carefree style that keeps the porte with tip heel shoes.

Either the strapless option more adjusted and combined with black stockings.

Fretwork or vests at Zara

With the frets It is the same with layers, although they are more accessible is a fashion that becomes tiring. We hope that this year we say goodbye to everything to do with ribs or what may seem.

On the other hand the fashion vests It is perfect, they improve many looks. This season they dominate the maxi vests seeking the contrast with the rest of the garments.

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