Louis Vuitton Winter Accessories

Louis Vuitton comes to the rescue of the most chilly because rmai the cold is coming and more provident fashionistas will have already thought of a trendy antifreddo kit. The house we offer some accessories in hot wool that surely will only make it more beautiful the sad and long winter months. Caps, hats, gloves, grips and snood in colorful wool are the protagonists signed Louis Vuitton winter.

Now it lacks very little to winter: the rain is wetting many cities in Italy and the first cold are taking their toll, making the saddest our days.

Luckily the brands fashion think to brighten our days, drawing the collections of colorful and trendy accessories, like for example the masks for snowboarding and D & G skiing.

If knitting is one of the great stars of this autumn-winter 2010 / 2011, Louis Vuitton could not refrain from giving us a collection of accessories in a really nice and lively wool. Caps in wool, like the Grand Froid Cap from the oversized logo or Columbia from LV logo in rhinestones, are among the protagonists of this collection , along with grips, gloves and even a hot snood, now true accessory must-have winter. You can find the collection in boutiques Louis Vuitton, or on the official website.