Low-Cost Spring-Summer 2014 Trends: I Know Sweet with Your Clothes

With the arrival of the sales already is terminated the special trends low-cost (and bridge) Autumn/winter 2013 / 2014 and now we focus our eyes to this next season spring-summer 2014. What will we take? Would next present in our wardrobes? What we leave in the background? Many questions for so little place. What we do have clear is that we can learn from the attic cake clothing they invaded our days a couple of seasons ago and is that… will be lead! This time in sky blue and pink stick, as we’ve been seeing over the last month.


  • Jersey with lace, 56,18 euros detail.
  • Sweatshirt style boyfriend, 22,47 EUR.
  • Length of straight lines, 84.28 EUR.


  • Long dress with braided belt, 39.99 euros.
  • Long dress with sequins, 109,99 EUR back.
  • Dress with draped neckline, 69.99 euros.
  • Cross palazzo pants, 39.99 euros.


  • Top with texture, 42 euros.
  • Moles, 34 euros-transparent blouse.
  • Satin mini-skirt, 195 euros.
  • Blouse crossed and gathered, 46 euros.


  • Vest in blue sky, $ 99.95 EUR.
  • Jersey short flared sleeves, 15.95 EUR.
  • Crop top in sky blue, 25.95 euros.
  • Bag of tacks, 49.95 euro.