Luce Swimwear Sexy And Flattering According To Your Body Type

Women know that choosing a swimsuit that will see us well, for nothing is simple thing. We must take into account several aspects of our anatomy to decide the best option. We give you some tips that will help you to see you very sexy on the beach.

To look good in a swimsuit does not lack you went down 10 kg. It is not bad to get fit before the holidays, but today there are so many choices of swimsuits in the market, you can find one that maximizes your qualities and minimize your aesthetic defectitos.

Most bathing suits, are currently manufactured with high durability fabrics which give an excellent fit. To choose one, don’t worry by camouflage nothing but by highlighting the good;There is the key to success.

General tips to buy a swimsuit
-Take care that the garment you do not overtighten because it will mark your rolls.
-The straps of the bra should not tighten.
– If you want to highlight some features of your body, use a glossy or patterned color.
-If you have dark skin, bright colors are more flattering.
-To increase volume (in the bust or hip), choose a piece with frills or decorations in that area.

-To hide volume (at the waist), uses gathered fabric.
-A one piece swimsuit conceals your waist. Choose one with fabric gathered in the area of the abdomen or a dark and solid color.
-Choose top bikinis that tie in front. They attract attention to the bust and meet breasts one another, making them appear larger.
– If you’re big, bust looking for a straight cut at the top of the bikini with straps wide to minimize it.
-Novice error is to choose an expensive bathing suit, thinking that it is better. The only way to know if you should buy it is proving it to you!
-Attention! Bathing suits tend to be big when they are wet, so be sure that yours is not you too loose when you buy it.

To highlight…
-Shoulders. Search for cuts halter or strapless.
-Bust. Choose sports bras with a moderately thick in the chest band or adjustable straps bras to give the best perspective to your bust.
-Waist. It uses slightly under panties bikinis. Your waist look narrow compared to the hip.
-Rear. Use short and thin bikinis.
-Legs. Used thongs short and with tapes on each side.

To hide…
-Small shoulders. He wears tops type t-shirt or with some detail at shoulders.
-Thick arms. Use straps bandwidths to compensate.
-Wide hip. No tapes it (this will cause only see wider), used a medium, strong, Thong without prints. Leave the texture for the upper part.
-Narrow hip. You use bikinis type boxers or shorts, which make make your hip look wider and delineated by the same garment.
-Lack of waist. Swimsuits with folds at the waist or low-cut bikinis.
-Short legs. Use the narrow and high-cut thongs to gain altitude.
-Bulging abdomen. Use complete costumes with small prints or solids.

Source. Gisela Mendez. The best version of you. Integral image manual. Ocean publishing.