LUSASUL Cool Jewelry for Chic People

LUSASUL is jewelry, but above all passion narratives and details; We design and develop our products in the city of Mexico and Taxco, the mythical village silversmith, we sell our products at various shops around the world such as Sign & Hold (Russia), Not Just to Label (London) AHAlife (New York), ICU Mode card (Paris), and in Paris also ship our parts to private clients in countries such as Japan, Russia, Australia, Kuwait , Brazil, among others.

Some of our pieces have been exhibited in the Museum Arocena in Torreon, Coahuila, as part of a retrospective of the industry platera in Mexico, as well as the Museo Franz Mayer in the display of the national biennial of design in 2009 where our collection was also awarded.

Our jewelry is the mix of technologies such as three-dimensional printing and the craft of art applied by outstanding Mexican jewellers, for us LUSASUL is the evolution of our traditions according to societypically.

As Director of design I can say that the inspiration comes from interesting narratives, of my concept about good-looking chic and by the other side, as a designer industrial our goal is to innovate in the manufacturing processes.

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