Marc by Marc Jacobs Stripey Lips

Christmas is coming and the time to buy gifts begins to tighten, I know you still miss a few weeks but you will see that with the frenzy of the last time to spend more and less beautiful gifts. The trick to doing well chosen and beautiful gifts you think about it in time, or before and prepare well in advance, so as to make even a trip to watch the prices. Make gifts in advance is also a great excuse to resort to online shopping, as we know, always has the lowest prices.

Today we offer the cute gift ideas and fashion, all in red, for a glamorous Christmas but traditional!

  • Keychains Lips Marc by Marc Jacobs, a cute and accessory female perfect for hanging on the bag or to use for keys, the price is only 40,00 EUR.
  • The clutch ofComme des Garçons is made of red leather decorated with a print with polka dots white, it is a colorful and comfortable clutch, to keep in your bag. The price is 105,00 €.
  • The keychain super romanticAnya Hindmarch is really cute, has two little hearts red leather and is ideal for house keys, maybe if you go to live would be the top. The price is 115,00 €.
  • Marniwhets our more fashionable side with a clutch completely covered withsequins metallic red, a truly unique style.

Price: 120,00 euro.

  • The Rosette bag Valentino is always perfect on these occasions, is small and glamorous and only costs € 240.00.Beautiful, is not it?
  • Aubin and Wills present us with a scarf in the shape of fox that makes a little ‘to the fur because at one end of the head is drawn, another the tail, of course it’s all pure wool! The price is € 83.40.
  • BraceletIsabel Marant is very charming, it is made with red beads and charm with a lace. The price is only 50,00 EUR.
  • Finally we have the gloves of Miu Miu in red suede beaded peluchoso shearling, the price is 320,00 €.