Marc Jacobs Christian Dior

He ‘s official: Marc Jacobs, the famous American designer known for his love of Prada and for masculine look with a skirt, as well as for his unquestionable talent of course, declined the role of creative director of Christian Dior. For him, at this point, nothing will change: will remain to direct Louis Vuitton and two other brands that bear his name, Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs. In short, what we had predicted there a few days ago has not proved entirely wrong: it seems that Christian Dior is unable to replace John Galliano.

John Galliano is irreplaceable for the French fashion house? Undoubtedly have the creativity and talent of the designer of Gibraltar is not common dowries and most of the stylists who might take his place and be worthy substitutes are occupied. And ‘the case of Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton and that currently, contacted from vertex LHMV, he declined the offer. It’s rumored that Jacobs would take the big bucks, and that would have demanded that all his staff takes up residence at the atelier Dior, a request that was not accepted, so that the designer would have declined the offer. At this point the future of Dior remains uncertain and it is unfortunate that a label with a story behind it so important to remain without a talented creative director.

Especially because Byll Gaytten, right arm and substitute for Galliano, was criticatissimo last Paris Fashion Week: the latest collection went on stage was really too commercial, and there is nothing left of the Dior collections magic.What is certain is that instead, future collections of Louis Vuitton will still dream like those to which we have become accustomed thanks precisely to Marc Jacobs.