Massimo Dutti Dresses: the 10 Best of the New Season

We can already see the first garments of the new collections of almost all of the shops, after the long-awaited sale season pages become more autumnal tone to captivate your audience. This occurs with Massimo Dutti What a colorful summer collection to a fall which is divided in the palette of the cream and the dark blue and black. These are the 10 best dressed of the firm for the coming season.

Dark blue and black

The collection is Massimo Dutti It is quite simple, as this chiffon dress braided the neckline of Navy Blue. Perfect for any cocktail evening in autumn, combined with metallic complements. Its price is 39.95 EUR.

Perhaps this jaquard dress is my favorite of the new collection, dark blue color and cuts very straight but yet very stylish. Pockets and fold neckline make a straight, simple dress, a very special dress. It costs 79,95 euro.

This Navy blue dress of straight cut takes a shot of brown skin on the shoulders What makes him perfect to combine with shoes and boots color camel carrying both in autumn, with a good Leotard will be the ally of many cold days. It costs 49.95 euro.

The French sleeve and point they are the most outstanding aspects of this dress, a sort of classic dress-shaped knit. They tend to be very popular in days that we do not know that put us, with a studded leather jacket can be phenomenal contributing the touch of ‘rock’ that need you. Its price is 49,95 EUR.

This black dress is perfect as a wardrobe, with a very simple cut and some tables in the skirt becomes the perfect dress of black that every woman should have in the closet. Drawstring at the waist a little marks the silhouette, making it perfect for both day and night. It costs 79,95 euro.

Range of the cream

This dress in the form of tunic color cream with dark horizontal stripes is perfect for a day of shopping with a flat shoe and a good collar with bright blue and white rhinestones. It costs 79,95 euro.

This color dress White with balloon skirt It is a simple dress but at the same time with enough character. Its somewhat thick fabric makes you feel perfectly, with color heel shoes Garnet becomes the perfect dress for any business meeting. Is your price 79,95 EUR.

The skin It will be one of the most popular fabrics this fall-winter that this color Dress nude with decorations on the shoulders is a perfect Basic to have in the closet. Pockets give a very interesting modern touch. It costs 79,95 euro.

The draping dress color Earth gives you a more serious character than the previous same tissue, although we can also add a garment with more character to slightly raise the tone of the look. Its price is 49,95 EUR.

It seems that Massimo Dutti also bet on the floral print for the autumn-winter, though much more subtly and in tones more of the time. A rather simple dress with a touch of great stamping. Is your price 79,95 EUR.