Maternity Denim Button Down Shirt

Mamalicious has created this absolutely classic wait shirt in denim with plenty of space to the abdomen can grow. Denim shirts tend to be rather stiff in the substance, but this shirt is made of 100% cotton and is therefore soft and lovely and clamps no spots, because there are lots of volumes in it.

The shirt is not a completely dark denim, but also not quite light, so such a between things and even call Mamalicious color ‘ medium blue denim ‘ and so it has a little ‘ worn ‘ look, which makes it really good in denim. The shirt is with collar and wide mancheter on the sleeves. There are two breast pockets. Wait the shirt has buttons all the way down the front and chest pockets and at the cuff on sleeves. The buttons are with small stones in such a little milky white Pearl-like color. The buttons are really fine and gives the shirt a feminine and easy look, and then it’s nice it is easy to push buttons, so it’s easy to open and close. If, however, have a zipper, one can easily underneath nursing top open up and suck in it, so you can use it while you are breastfeeding.

Maternity clothes & Nursing:

This shirt is actually a wait shirt and has as such no smart nursing function, which means that you can avoid opening the shirt completely when you have to breastfeed, but as described above, you can easily use it with a nursing top underneath, so you don’t have to bare yourself completely when you have to breastfeed.


Maternity Denim Button Down Shirt Maternity Denim Button Down Shirt