Men’s Casual Sweaters & Cardigans

The men’s casual cardigans & casual cardigans keep comfortably warm shirts and send shirts and are an optical highlight to any look. You are a great mix fashion and sporty naughty, so that in each case a chic and masculine outfit. The leisure cardigans and leisure cardigans shine in fresh or timeless colors, so that they can be worn very well with the classic jeans, but also to the Chino. With different button bars, fancy collars and other great details, there is something for every taste.

Men's Casual Cardigans

Modern Men’s Cardigans

The classic men’s Streetwear are again fully since some Saisons trendy sweaters or cardigans also. The classic experienced a new edition in the fashion world with new colors, cuts and unusual details. We offer a wide selection of cool sweaters trend-conscious men for every occasion. As an alternative to sports jackets, but also to Blazers, the Cardigans are a versatile piece of clothing not only in cool seasons. For spring and summer, there are slight variations from cotton while chunky knit and materials containing wool keep warm in autumn and winter.

Fashionable Men’s Cardigans

Mr Cardigan are true all-rounders and are indispensable in every closet, because they can be used in the different versions for virtually any temperature all year round. At the same time, the new models at any Lord look devastatingly so that the proper weather protection can be found for each type. For days with light breeze, a lightweight, fashionable Mr Cardigan ranges may already. On cooler days, also the insulated version with warm cotton and hood will find their way out of the closet.

Men's Casual Sweaters & Cardigans 3

Warm Men’s Cardigans

Cardigans are the essential basics for the autumn and winter. The Cardigan as the Cardigan is also called, is versatile, for example with cotton pants & fabric pants or casual shirts and keeps warm in cold temperatures. The wool jackets were originally equipped with v-neckline and buttons there today also with round neck, turtleneck and zip.


BRIDGAT range includes a wide selection of cardigans in various colors. The thick wool jackets by Rhode Iceland, grey connection and Tommy Hilfiger are ideal for winter outings. In the Office, the fine knitting of Tom Tailor and John Devine is stylish and elegant. The Cardigans of MCl and Exuma suitable above all for the cool style of dress. Now browse through the mens clothing on and find your sweaters and vests for the fall and winter!


With the casual sweaters and cardigans from our product range, which are differently designed and designed, do nothing wrong and can create a warm and very comfortable outfit quickly and easily. Fabrics, cotton, knitting patterns, zippers or fashionable buttons make something special our men’s leisure cardigans and leisure-cardigans and give its wearer a fashion-conscious and masculine appearance. Smaller models are comfortable and chic, while slightly more cardigans have always a casual and cool effect in everyday life. Discover our wide range of men’s casual sweaters and casual cardigans today and find the right model for your styling!

Men's Casual Sweaters & Cardigans 2


Cardigans characterized always by the clothes can be worn and, depending on the season, serve as intermediate layer in the typical onion look. Thinner men’s knit jacket can be worn also in here, while the padded versions replace a warm jacket. No matter what game Lords decide – you can rely on the stylish elegance of our jackets. Designers always reinvent the classic piece of clothing so that through elaborate embroidery, buttons and applications, zippers and hoods of the classic cardigans look again on the new is interpreted and is never out of fashion.


Although the optics when choosing the clothes of course plays a major role, also the convenience must not to come short. Our men’s knitted jacket are particularly comfortable and ensure not only that men look fantastic, but also in their sweaters feel at home. Side, contrasting pockets on some men’s knitted jacket this offer a warm refuge for the hands and also offer the viewer a Visual highlight. Other models in turn consciously avoid this detail and convince by their narrow line.

Men's Casual Sweaters & Cardigans 1

Would you equip fashionable themselves for the next season? Then, today browse through our great range of fashionable men Cardigan and find the perfect model!


Although classical variants with cables or Norwegian pattern in the trend are for the winter, but our men’s Streetwear cardigans are characterized by refined details. In our online shop, there are current cardigans by brands such as Esprit, Tom Tailor, Bruno Banani. The knitwear is available with buttons and zippers. Pockets, hooded or fancy collar make a fashionable highlight the Cardigans. Also often the men’s Streetwear be fitted sweaters with embroidery or emblems, which underline the sporty look.