Men’s Shirt

I see you you that ado, took Daddy’s shirt. Then your lover. You’re not the only one here.

If the gentleman is not Rugby, has less reason to be drowned in oversized clothing.

Besides, today, the menswear shirts are more “thin” and arched than before : it is no longer in the Obelix of politician in campaign shirt.

Of course, it is better to join the side “buggy”: sleeves which run on hand, scale on the sides, slightly drooping shoulders… Precisely.

As for the boy-friend jean, the interest is to titillate the male side.

But you can also choose a shirt from man to woman or unisex Ray.

If there is concern the drowning, for example, with a short torso and a generous bosom, to roll up the sleeves and wear well low-necked shirt to show a maximum of skin: This avoids the side never flattering “plastron” with this type of morphology.

With very frail shoulders and a small chest, it is better to mark the size, either with a (more or less wide) belt or by wearing wrap version and developing it in the back.

Some women even succeed in make a skirt using the sleeves as a belt. I admire the exercise!

The principle, I already said here, is to not wear to camouflage themselves.

Even if man’s long shirt is very useful to hide a Tushy cast in leather Leggings or a slim, you don’t have to read “I’m hiding out” but “it’s my look”.

We can keep up the bottom and the sleeves of a jacket, a sweater or a cropped top.

Is this too long handle which brings a nice dose of femininity.

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Variant: slide his shirt in a high waisted pants, a pencil skirt or a long skirt like Emma Watson.

Or fun to accentuate the side tomboy with wide jeans or Bermuda shorts.

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And of course, as in American romantic comedies, put on his shirt for man to wake up in the morning.

Or it is transformed into improvised Beach dress over a swimsuit.

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Because we have the right to prefer the other or love them both!

What do you think?