Men’s Sports Underwear Review

Like sports man, he likes to talk about them, watch them on television, seeing them live and direct, comment on them, think about them and also, of course, practice them.

Although the love for the sport is installed in the heart of men, very few take seriously the provisions that should have to practice it. As in the case of the woman, where the sports bra is extremely important, the man need support to avoid tears and other damage in the crotch area, such as friction and spread of certain infections by conservation of the moisture in the skin.

It is here where the different types of sports underwear and materials that are made come into play.


The choice of materials of sports underwear is very important since they contribute not only support but also the health of skin cover.

The materials most commonly used in this type of underwear are:

  • Natural fibers: cotton combed, Egyptian and Pima – cotton is one of the favorite materials for the manufacture of underwear. In the case of sports underwear are assigned special cotton known for its excellent properties.

Combed cotton is the one at the removing le short fibers and other waste, resulting in a genus soft and ideal to prevent rubbing. Egyptian cotton which is available on is known for being the softest in the world and choose not to damage the skin while performing resistance exercises. Pima cotton is a combination of Egyptian and American cottons, which makes the genus tough but soft like silk.

  • Synthetic fibres: coolmax, Microfiber, nylon & spandex -although it sounds like a superhero name, coolmax is actually a fiber polyester which makes true magic by transferring moisture from the body in exercise to the garment. This feature makes it ideal for the manufacture of underwear of exercise. Also resists well to continuous washing that suffers the underwear and not wrinkled. Ideal, right?

Spandex is also very popular in exercise clothing. Derived from the polyurethane and, as its name implies, it is very elastic and expand with ease (a feature shared with the Italian nylon). It is the material preferred by athletes such as cyclists and runners since it is very light, durable.

The Microfiber is another of the materials most used in underwear for sports since thin filaments do not let moisture but at the same time allow you to enter the air to evaporate it.


As there are various types of materials for the manufacture of men’s underwear, there are also different models of underwear for the exercise. The main models are:

  • Hanger – hanger consists of a pocket of fabric that holds the genitals and protects them from blows or so damaging effect bounce. The Pocket is subject to the waist by a thick elastic band and two slightly thinner bands ranging from the base of the Pocket around the buttocks. Definitely nothing coverage at the back of the garment.
  • Underpants style brief and boxer brief – these types of underpants are very popular men’s underwear styles for everyday use because they provide coverage and support. For these same reasons are also ideal for low-impact exercises.
  • Sports briefs – arguably the sports brief, such as bike jersey is a combination of the brief and hanger. It is a piece made up of two panels, one front and another forward, joined by an elastic band thick and strong but comfortable. Leg is fully exposed, which can be very comfortable for large number of sports. The support is very good and definitely provides more coverage than a hanger.
  • Compression shorts – It is one of the big favourites in the world of sports. The underpants of compression is full of advantages. Its design – very similar to the boxer brief – sticks to the body favoring aerodynamics. Being a piece that covers much of the thigh, it prevents friction and its painful consequences on the skin. Made in elastic and resistant material, maintain muscle heat, which helps prevent tears and other muscle ailments, while they allow air to circulate between the skin and the fabric, eliminating the damage and discomfort of moisture.