Microsoft Office Updates on Play Store by Introducing Several New Features

Microsoft released on Play Store a Update for the three apps that make up the Office suite— Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, introducing several new features in terms of features and tools available for editing.

As for Word, was improved by inserting and managing a table within a document through the default magnification of the cells and to a procedure of table resizing easier and more immediate.

A second important improvement concerns the introduction of quick access commands that appear once you select a portion of text. Inside there are several options, including the classic “cut”, “copy”, “Paste” and “select all”, as well as the ability to search for text within the document itself.

Excel is now able to open the file. CSV in read mode, while to do editing tasks you’ll need to save it in format. xslx. As in Word, fast access controls of Microsoft Office have been introduced with the options cut, copy, paste, and “new line” that replaces the search function in the text.

PowerPoint finally introduces the functions of superscript and subscript formatting, and text can be easily separated into columns using a tap. Unfortunately, this last option is only active for customers who activate the subscription to Office 365. Can not miss here too command of fast access, particularly useful when preparing a presentation. In addition to the cut, copy, and paste is “copy format” to properly format the text in line with the rest of the document.

The following is the complete changelog:

  • Superscript and subscript: now you can make text superscript and subscript.
  • Create text columns: split a block of text in columns that are easy to read.
  • Commands at your fingertips: quickly access commands you need at the moment and make your changes in an instant.