Modelling Underwear for Men

The concern about how it looks the lower body clothing is not something that only afflicts women. Although one much smaller percentage, men have become increasingly open to the possibility of clothing from lingerie to help them gain a more attractive look under your clothes by reducing and hiding certain excesses. The options are various and it is time to know them a little more thoroughly.

Modelling Underwear for Men

1. Compression t-shirt

Compression shirts are one of the favorite male meeting its mission without any hassle and without much differ from an ordinary t-shirt. It’s one of the basic elements in the sports underwear drawer since, apart from avoiding the discomfort of friction of the skin with clothing by doing certain physical activities, it helps keep the muscles of the torso in position during exercise.

Beyond the advantages which can represent for the sportsmen, compression t-shirts (short or long-sleeved shirt or muscular “tank top” style) are used increasingly to achieve a slight compression of the torso – especially belly – achieving tight shirts look a hundred times better.

2. The male bra

The name says it all. A male bra is… a bra for men. This piece of lingerie styling aims to improve the appearance and comfort of those men who have suffered a great development of mammary glands by both obesity and gynecomastia.

If you undergo surgery is not an option, then a male bra – also known as compression vest or waistcoat of Gynecomastia – is the best choice. The design and the preparation of this garment to prevent rubbing of the skin against clothing and reduces the size of the mammary glands, compressing them.

The majority of compression t-shirts at may also very well disguise this problem providing more comfort to the user.

3. The strip

It is the clothing that more time has in the market of reducing underwear for men and, until the arrival of compression, one of the most used t-shirts.

As in the case of the modelling lingerie for women, the male girdle version focuses retain and reduce those excesses of the middle part of the body, particularly the belly and the chubby of the hip, as well as help a lot with posture correction and the problems which may arise from this.

Given that reducing underwear for men and women market opens every day, you can find different models, such as for example the Strip tube that fits the torso by hooks or velcro strips or the “jumpsuit” or “one piece”, a garment very similar to costumes that use professional wrestlers that are placed by the legs and shoulders fit.

4. The male pantyhose

Not only women are concerned by how our legs under a cute pair of pants look. One of the more recent trends in modelling underwear for men is the use of the male pantyhose . As in the case of the female pantyhose, they are responsible to shape the legs so that those stylish tight pants being fashionable, fit perfectly.

The materials used in its manufacture are the same as the female pantyhose. In fact, its appearance is very similar. Use for this garment is very varied and ranges from extra shelter in the freezing cold winter to the relief to circulatory problems in the legs.

5. The underpants of support

Another great favorite. Maybe it is the piece that most comfortable will make feel the man who enters for the first time to the world of the modeling lingerie.

Available in various models, support underpants are used mostly as part of basic sports underwear since they are characterised by the support muscles, genitals and manufacturing with genres that let the skin breathe.

In addition to this ideal support for sports, modelers underpants soften the lines of the legs, waist and abdomen (depending on the model chosen), achieving a more stylized silhouette under clothes. For those wishing to go a little further, some of these parts include pads for lifting and adding volume both at the rear and in the front.