Moncler New Collection

Winter is not winter without Moncler and its irresistible duvets which are now an institution, a must-have essential and that everyone, regardless men and women this time, do follies! The Moncler down jackets are beautiful, fashionable and excellent quality, they are light and warm up very much thanks to the very high quality of fabrics and materials, also are always in line with the trends of the season although it would be more correct to say that launch new trends! Moncler presents us with the normal line and the duvets Gamme Rouge, say the down jackets fashion for a few.

The Moncler down jackets are beautiful and colorful, the French label offers us every year a wide range of models from which it is impossible not to be groped at least a little’. However buying a Moncler down jacketis an investment, if you choose a classic down jacket, a color evergreen and not greased, you can wear it for years and will always be perfect: trendy, hot and beautiful!

Moncler down jackets sports

moncler born coma mark for clothing the athletes in the big extreme expeditions, like the ascent of K2, the conquest of Makalu, in short, serious things and that’s why the sports down jackets are a must in the new collections. Sports duvet does not mean by mountains, it means that the cut is sporty, suitable for any time of the day, in short, one of the leaders who can not miss in the closet.

Moncler down jackets sport chic

style If you prefer a more casual and not dressed properly in a sporting manner, for you Moncler realizes the lines sport chic, feminine and trendy duvets characterized by fashion details such as zip oblique, vertical or slanted pockets, metallic colors, short duvets beautiful and that wink at your side fashion.

Moncler down jackets vest

A good alternative to quilts intended as jackets are certainly a vest down jackets, you can wear them right from ‘autumn especially if you live in cold places, or if you live in places where winter is mild you can wear them instead of the vest, with under a sweater or a t-shirt in jersey. They cost a little ‘less and even here, you have available a wide range of colors and patterns.

Moncler long down jackets

If you are chilly and the down enough, you can not opt for long duvets, are warm and padded knees and reach a minimum, depending on the model also come to the foot. For this betting pattern of dark colors like black and chocolate brown, not on light, because you could resemble dangerously ballooning and is not really the case, is it?

Moncler down jackets with fur

For fashionistas who can not give up the trend of the season we have the super chic down jackets with inserts fur, available in various colors, patterns and styles, but they are all united from being glamorous and perfect to wear with elegant mise. Find the fur in the neck and hair, but in some cases the lower edge, in the sleeves and pockets, you assessed what is the model best suited to your style.