Most Versatile Sweater for Daily Wear

Often we associate sweater with informal daily and sportswear. This leads us to ignore, especially when we want to look more elegant and chic. The truth is that a sweater can be perfectly combined with almost anything, and fit perfectly into any style. The most important thing is to never stop experimenting and looking for the perfect combination, even where we least expect to hide it. To learn how to do it, we need not only to find the time to spend in front of the mirror in the search for new and suitable combinations, but to explore all possible sources of vintage.

This will help us to open our minds and see some hitherto unsuspected possibilities for combinations with the clothes we have. The bad thing is that not always have enough time – that’s what made me look for examples in Pinterest, to share with you. As you will see, the sweater is a versatile garment and can become your fashion weapons as long as you allow it. I especially like its combination with airy and luxurious fabrics, dresses and skirts, bright and massive accessories that always look good and give a more sturdily and different look.