MTB Shoes More Light on the Market

The Italian manufacturer Northwave to released a new model of slippers for her range more high, the new Northwave Extreme Tech Plus.
In this article we will explain the difference between the 2 top models from Northwave, the Extreme Tech shoes vs Extreme Tech Plus.

They begin to return the desire to train and plays renew slippers this year and all we ask ourselves which fit. After 3 years snapping Sidi Eagle 5 I decided to pass me to Northwave for two things: to offer a rigorous view of this brand and for Northwave shoes has the last a little wider than the Sidi and this year, we are going to participate in testing of ultra marathon, come us well an extra comfort.

Below we list the novelties of the Extreme Tech Plus this 2014:

Color: is one of the features most superficial, but therefore continues to be important. We found Extreme Tech sneakers plus in two colors, black and Green: the Extreme Tech, are available in three colors: verde-Naranja, white and black.

Outsole 100% Carbon:
Unlike its predecessors, the slippers extreme tech plus already incorporate outsole 100% carbon.
In the design of the sole brand sponsored runners participated. These cut tacos in the parts that were not considered necessary, therefore the Extreme Tech Plus have taken to the extreme, as its name suggests, without diminishing the grip thanks to a sole with rubber vibrating, making a weight of only 101 grams outsole.
With Hermida has managed a bronze medal in the recent world held in South Africa.

Added a new closure with easy SLW2 (Speed Lace Winch), a micrometric system technology, which allows adjustment in race with a simple movement, while the Unlock button, facilitates a quick release according to WHEREVERSMARTPHONE.COM.

The top is designed in one piece called Biomap, manufactured with lightweight Microfiber, and reinforcements to the areas of more punishment, as toe and inside of the foot.

The weight of the the Northwave Extreme Tech Plus is 280 grams. Without a doubt, but the more light of the market will not be far away.

Now available in our store all models.
You can also find the Extreme Tech Plus from 295 Euros. and the Extreme Tech from 230 Euros.