My Little Black Dress

I enjoy a lot when we do a shooting, reminds me of my childhood when he wore to the wrists and was looking for add-ins that he had better.

Who I was going to say at that time that that would be my profession, that is a vocational work! To take some beautiful pictures not only is shooting with the camera and take a few images.

We previously tested clothes and searching for add-ins that are better in order to achieve a flawless look. With my friend Ana as a model and the purses Julietta Barcelona is quite easy to make a dress that is desired by many of us dress Isabelas Freesia . Perhaps it has been one of the models that I have most started during this summer and that will continue taking in autumn and winter, sometimes by the possibilities he has given me.
He put it with a few wedges of esparto in the afternoon and when I wanted to go more arranged for a dinner, combined with a high heel sandal in black color.
All we would have to have a black dress in the closet. It is one of the most common colors for dress, because it is styled like no other. It is the color of mourning but also of night, elegance and sophistication.
It dress Isabelas Freesia is tight lines, above the knee, looms all over the body, with asymmetrical neckline (sexy has always seemed to me very this type of cleavage) and a detail into the strap which gives it that distinct point. It is tied with a knot.
The Isabelas are a line of exclusive dresses that are born in Sitges, a town on the Mediterranean coast, near Barcelona.For a woman of spirit free, versatile, young thought and female attitude.
Do you think the combination with shoes and the carrycot from Julietta?